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Revitalization of Downtown Bristol - 12/1/2013
I moved to Bristol in 2003 to purchase a mid-size one family home. Bristol has a great deal of history to it...from clock making (we have the American Clock Museum), a Carousel Museum and ESPN HQs. The Federal Hill area has beautiful vintage homes. However, what really makes Bristol great is it's citizens and desire to embrace culture. 4 or so years ago, we have engaged a developer, Renaissance Downtowns, who is helping us revitalize our downtown area with a living/working/entertaining walking area. The development is based on input from all citizens of Bristol and we now have approx 3,000 members in our Bristol Rising! community. We have met the most wonderful people in our town and the community spirit is always there! It's really a very nice place to Read More

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Thinking about moving to Bristol, CT, think again - 8/3/2011
I was born and raised in NJ, and spent many years living on Long Island, as well as living in upstate NY and other areas in CT. Bristol CT is by far the worst place I have ever lived. Public transportation is a joke, as is larger scale transportation. There are few jobs available; in the 6 years I have lived in Bristol, I have watched numerous businesses close down. There are abandoned factories everywhere. Improvement projects are constantly being started, but rarely finished, adding to the low quality of life. Roads are extremely congested. There is a high rate of drug use, and a large homeless population. Crime is relatively high, and gangs are increasing. This is not a good family area, and any statistics claiming otherwise needs to be updated. I have witnessed a drastic decline in living conditions in the last 6 years. There are few to no cultural events in the area, not much for recreation. Also, I'd like to ad that I just got back from East Hampton NY, known to be an Read More

Quality of Life - 12/20/2009
Bristol, in a way can be deceiving. The schools in Bristol seem to be pretty decent, and it also features a park for children and their parents. In addition, it features a public swimming pool, with a small admission fee. As many might already know, it is also home to Lake Compounce, which, in my opinion, is an amazing theme park. It is a lot cheaper than some other amusement parks I've been to, and is just as good as the other parks I've been to. Although traffic can be extremely heavy at times, Bristol doesn't seem like too bad of a place to go, but as in any city, the crime rate varies depending upon the Read More

What's in Bristol.... - 4/14/2006
Home of ESPN and Lake Compounce, I believe the oldest amusement park in the country. Other than that, that's all.  Read More

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