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economy - 7/13/2010
Economy in this area is down due to the tourist not coming to the area.
Being a tourist town really hurts the unemployment rate when there are no tourist to Read More

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Crime and Living in Daytona Beach - 12/8/2009
I don't get it. I own a condo in Daytona and have been going down there for years. I also read the news journal every day. I see crime but not as much as these reviews are talking about. Daytona Beach is a beautiful city and a lovely place to live. I plan to live there in a couple of Read More

Living in Daytona Beach area - 8/1/2009
Daytona Beach is both a world class destination and fun place with Speedweeks, Bikeweek and a host of other events, and at the same time there are many quiet and private places in the most beautiful natural surroundings that difficult to find in other places in Florida.
Today's realestate market opens the opportunities of a lifetime to own properties on the Atlantic Ocean or on the Halifax River at a fraction of their cost just a few years ago.
Homes and condos for 30-50 cents on a dollar are not uncommon, but you need a knowledgeable guide as it does not matter how inexpensive you buy, if it is not bought right.
People who are losing their properties did not think they would lose. And yet they lose. Here the experience, knowldge, dedication and integrity come into play. A play, where your goal is to Read More

horrible - 3/21/2009
Daytona beach is horrible! its dirty, its scummy, and crowded for how bad of a place it is. i spend at least 3 days a week there and am trying to relocate. its a hot Read More

Cesspool - 8/22/2008
Daytona Beach has some gorgeous natural beauty, and the weather is great, but it is basically a cesspool. The work ethic, and therefore the service you get here, is unbelievably poor. The pay here is horrendous and doesn't make up for the lower cost of living. We have been in what we thought were nice restaurants only to hear someone proudly belch as loudly as he could, I've had my car spat on in parking lots, people curse loudly even in higher end places....It's just a nasty place that has seemingly attracted some of the laziest, rudest, and crudest people you'd ever want to run into. I suppose that's what happens when biker and NASCAR events are what drives the so-called economy.
Oh, and good luck finding anything out of the ordinary like decent Indian or other ethnic foods. Daytona Beach isn't real big on minorities, either.
We're getting out while we still Read More

Daytona Beach - The World's Most Famous Beach A Gr - 5/17/2007
Recent news suggests Daytona Beach will continue to be a great location for tourism to thrive. A new police chief is moving quickly to assure visitors can enjoy a safe worry free vacation experience. New hotel projects and an expanding convention center are offering more entertainment and recreational opportunities for families and conventioneers. NASCAR just announced the new Daytona Live entertainment and office complex. Only an hour or less to Disney World, Sea World, Cape Canaveral, and St. Augustine, this metroplitan area of over 400,000 people provides the best beaches, marinas, and living options at an affordable price. Fly to Daytona International Airport or stop by on Interstate 95 and find out why Daytona is a great place to Read More

Bullies in School - 4/20/2006
I moved to Daytona Beach from Southern California. I was very surprised to find that 90% of the students are of one race. I live in a low income area even though I am not low income. I have noticed a serious problem in how the school deals with problem students. There are many bullies in the school and the teachers and administrators are not vigilent about resolving these issues. This worries me a great deal. I have been accustomed to schools having a no tolerance policy in effect for bullies, drugs and weapons. Since all of these things can cause great harm to our children. Example of a recent incident: 1 P.E. Teacher, almost 60 students, 20 of which are normally segregated due to serious emotional and behavorial problems. 1 P.E. teacher was not adequate coverage for this many students especially considering the type of children that were to be cared for. One of these students bullied my son by choking him twice within 1 hour. I met with my son's teacher and the school Read More

crime - 10/13/2005
go to crime rates and put daytona beach, FL up against so major cities and compare.....D.C., L.A. N.Y. we beat em all cause daytona is a pit where criminals breed and flourish. the population here is only about 80K but that rate is per capita so we still beat them all. the only ones i found to beat us in overall violent crime are detroit, atlanta, tampa and miami. so does that mean 3 of the 5 top rated crime ridden cities in america are in FL? we are also the most visited by Read More

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