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Daytona Beach, FL is known for its world-class beaches and bustling tourist attractions. However, the city also boasts a great education system; there are numerous high-performing public schools in the area that are highly rated by local education boards. Students have access to a range of educational opportunities, from traditional subjects such as math and science to more unconventional but equally valuable classes such as music, art and drama. The quality of teaching is excellent, with instructors dedicated to providing students with the skills they need for college and career success. Moreover, there are a variety of extracurricular activities available to further enrich their learning experience. Daytona Beach is an ideal place for young people looking for a comprehensive education in a supportive environment.

Daytona Beach schools spend $8,565 per student (The US average is $12,383). There are 15 pupils per teacher, 911 students per librarian, and 443 children per counselor.

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It's important to know there are two Daytonas. There's Daytona Beach, which is where, well, the beach is. Then there's Daytona on the mainland side of things. These are  More

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I moved here in April of 2018 and I'm very happy. I live downtown on the Halifax river/Intracoastal Waterway, by the beautiful marina and the Chart House restaurant. I'm  More

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They also built a Tanger Outlet Store with multiple shops. You can find things to do in Daytona Beach. I think the area gets a very bad rap at times due to Bike Week  More

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