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Cost of Living Higher than Stated - 5/20/2020
Great place to live, however, the school system isn't great. You really need to pick Boca Raton, or if you're willing to live a bit farther West, Wellington, for better schools. I'm a bit perplexed with the cost of living listed on this website. It has Delray Beach having a lower cost of living than a multitude of less desirable neighboring cities. This is absolutely not even remotely accurate (unless you are HOPA 55+). As others have mentioned, the downtown area and beach are fabulous. The parks, lakes, and shopping are excellent. It's no Bellagio, Italy, but it's a nice place to Read More

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Happy places to call home - 5/22/2017
I have lived in over 100 places and homes..even as a child my parents lived moving every few years..i learned to live that too..getting new ideas for decorating and new places to eat drink coffee and clean at my age i am done with miving and need stability.. I chose Delray beach ,
Florida. Its amazing quality of life for liw money..beach is free..people music friday nights and lots of fairs to walk around and try new food art clothes. Restaurants open to real late and on sidewalks. I live the atmosphere there.. I am a movie theatre fan.. Always went with my dad before he went to heaven. Now i go to movies at either the palace in boca raton or delray marketplace..i think the best in the world..really.... Thats it. My plate is love laugh... Read More

The new "Star" of Florida.. - 4/4/2017
The area has been totally regentrified over the past 10 years. It's outdoor cafe's and restaurants, shops and, of course, a fabulous beach. the beach has cabanas, umbrella and chairs( for a small fee).
It's a walking town with free transportation via the Delray Downtowner. Crest theatre , world class tennis and now, an IPic is going to also be located here. By far the " hottest new place to live". Real estate prices are escalating faster here than just about anywhere else. Celebrities are seen outside eating next to the sidewalk and young and old enjoy the lively atmosphere.Music is all around. ALL of Florida has addiction rehab places, the sunshine and atmosphere are good for their recovery. New, in 15 years, hears of them bothering anyone.
Everyone who visits lives it there. It's a fabulous Read More

Delray Crime - 10/1/2016
High crime city with over 850 sober homes and over 1200 rehab facilities in this city alone.
Read Coastal Star on bad actors sober homes and spotcrime for Delray Beach. Too much crime and rehabbers on
Atlantic Avenue from the beach up to the turnpike. Military is very bad from Walmart and into Boynton Beach. Linton blvd isn't safe from Jog Rd to Federal Rd. Too many rehabbers looking to score and steal.

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Delray Beach review - 9/28/2016
Delray is the rehab capital of the world. I have seen so many sober homes and drug addicts all over this small city.
I have seen a lot of crime too. It's all over Read More

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Delray Beach is a great city - 3/2/2012
Living and working in Delray Beach is wonderful. Beautiful homes, shops, weather and great activities for all ages. We love going out to the restaurants and Read More

Delray Beach Climate - 9/9/2011
Like most of south Florida, it has great weather from December through March, and then it's one of the most humid, hot areas you will ever visit. It's much like the if you do not love hot, HUMID weather this is not for you...particularly from April through Read More

Great community - 6/17/2010
Delray is the best. Don't know about the other comment of people being nasty. I have not found that yet. Been vacationing here for 16 years and now living here for 2 years. The merchants are wonderful and the people that here are so friendly. I just love the whole environment. Very expensive to live here though - hope the Township Board doesn't allow too much building of high buildiings even though there is a 3 story limit. It is nice to keep the population down. It is getting a bit crowded, but then that keeps the merchants alive and thriving on the Avenue.  Read More

Florida Weather - 3/26/2010
Most Floridians believe the Florida climate is great, but if you don't like humidity (as I don't) or hurricanes then look elsewhere to live.
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33445 33484 33444 33483

16794 Burlington Bristol Ln
Bed 5 | Bath 8

1539 Fenton Dr
Bed 5 | Bath 3

344 NW 4th Ave
Bed 4 | Bath 2

7743 Villa D Este Way
Bed 3 | Bath 3

7839 L Aquila Way
Bed 3 | Bath 3

3605 Oakview Ct
Bed 5 | Bath 5

16882 River Birch Cir
Bed 3 | Bath 4


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