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Retirement - 3/13/2018
We are looking at Inverness to decide if that is were we went to move. Any information Read More

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Beautiful Town of Inverness - Lovely Parks - 9/23/2015
We moved here because it was the loveliest town we visited that was also affordable. Also because of the lowest crime rate in Florida.

We love the community.
Read More

Retirement possibility. - 4/2/2013
Looking at retirement in Inverness, Fkorida. How safe is the area, how much of an issue are insects (in-home & outside) Read More

Used To Find Inverness 5 Years Ago - 4/21/2010
Found Inverness 5 years ago using Google maps and Bestplaces. I took a look and told my parents, now they have moved to Inverness from New Jersey.

Climate: Beautiful winters, muggy summers. Great if you like sun.
Cost of Living: Everything is much cheaper than up north.
Crime: Not too much, some rumored meth labs. I leave my door unlocked.
Culture and Recreation: Can't be beat if you like boats and fishing.
Economy: Not too good, not many jobs, but doesn't matter much if you're retired.
Education: Not real good, but most people are from up north.
Health: Hospital in town, adequate doctors in the area.
Housing: Cheap, lots of waterfront with docks for your motor boat.
Politics: Not too conservative or liberal, government seems pretty good but not too intrusive.
Quality of Life: I think it's excellent. Not "big city" nor "sticks". Weather is great except when it's really hot in summer. Least likely Read More

school - 6/20/2008
Very different from Long Island. Not many job's and the schools are not as good. Teacher's are not very interested in the Read More

It feels like home - 3/14/2007
Lots of character to this small town. All of Florida is mostly senior citizens that is what you see mostly because they don't have to work anymore and they can go out to eat almost everyday and enjoy themselves. The young are working to get to that point eventually. Other then that a great area to live and retire for all Read More

Great low cost of living - 4/17/2006
Overall, a great small community to retire in - definitely not a younger persons community for lack of activities and venues. Mediocre restaurants but good places to go within 30 minutes. Relatively good medical care. Weather can be atrocious (heat, hurricanes and accompanying Read More

thinking of moving from long island to florida - 3/2/2006
anyone know anything abt inverness, fl or the surround Read More

Opinion on Inverness - 11/12/2005

Inverness might be Best Places #1 choice.
Inverness is a lovely little town surrounded by lakes. Spectacular Florida weather, but inland from the coast. It's a great retirement town, there is unlimited places to fish locally or in the surrounding areas. There is a nice 46 mile bike trail, one of the best in the nation. Housing is cheap. Low taxes in Florida. High home appreciation. Frendly atmosphere. Booming economy. I used Best Places to find Inverness, and now I have bought a house Read More

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34453 34450

5351 E Hopp Ln
Bed 2 | Bath 1

2452 E Newhaven St
Bed 3 | Bath 2

4163 E Bennett St
Bed 3 | Bath 3

325 N Crestwood Ave
Bed 3 | Bath 2

116 Talmage Ave
Bed 2 | Bath 1

3044 E May St
Bed 3 | Bath 2

5151 S Alden Ave
Bed 3 | Bath 2


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