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Florida is a popular state known for its warm weather and beautiful beaches. Within this state, Lady Lake is a small town located in Lake County, known as the "friendliest hometown in Florida." With a population of just over 15,000, Lady Lake offers a suburban feel with a mix of rural areas. It is also home to the famous retirement community, The Villages. Many people are drawn to this town for its peaceful atmosphere and retirement options. However, the opinions on living in Lady Lake vary among its residents, as seen in numerous user reviews on

According to one user named Bill, who has lived in Lady Lake for over 20 years, "The quality of life here is impeccable. The community is safe, clean, and has plenty of amenities for all ages." He also praises the town's location, saying, "Being close to the coast and theme parks makes Lady Lake a perfect place to live for retirees and young families alike."

In contrast, Mary, a resident for 5 years, has a different view. She says, "Although the weather is great and there are some nice neighborhoods, the traffic can be unbearable at times." She also mentions the cost of living, stating, "The cost of living has risen significantly in recent years, making it difficult for some people to afford living here."

Another reviewer, Mark, highlights the welcoming community in Lady Lake. He states, "The people here are so friendly and welcoming. It's like being part of a big family." He also mentions the variety of activities available, saying, "There's always something to do, whether it's attending a concert or trying out a new restaurant."

On the other hand, Debbie, who has lived in Lady Lake for 10 years, mentions the lack of job opportunities. She says, "Unless you're retired, finding a decent job here can be challenging. Many people commute to nearby towns for work." She also points out the limited options for shopping and entertainment.

In summary, the reviews on living in Lady Lake, Florida, are mixed. While some residents enjoy the peaceful and friendly atmosphere, others may find the traffic, cost of living, and job opportunities less desirable. Ultimately, personal preferences and priorities will play a significant role in one's experience of living in this particular place.

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HO-HUM - 10/29/2014
A nothing town, only famous because of The Villages, which is a huge complex spread out into 3 counties. You can live in the town of Lady Lake and still visit and enjoy parts of The Villages. The areas around The Villages are rural farmlands,mostly low-income, nothing to do. The Villages itself is this manufactured, Disneyesque kind of place where everything is beautiful and perfect. Most of the people are over 55, but don't think it's exclusive; 20% or more are much younger. A lot of Villages homes are rented out bringing lots of strangers into the area who want to party while they are away from home. Lots of DUI's some drugs, sexual activity in public. The safety of The Villages is way over rated. Many of the workers, ie: lawn trimmers, handymen etc,who are needed for the upkeep of the homes, come from the outlying towns and can have records. Bring your checkbook; gas fast food etc is more money in the area. Many of homes in The Villages are stick built (wood) not CB and were thrown Read More

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The Vllages, an over 55 Retire Community - 5/18/2008
Lady Lake is a bedroom community to The Villages, one of the best over 55 years of age retirement communities in the country. The villages is currently approximately 25,000 acres and is made up of about 35,000 homes. The community will build out at 50,000 homes.
The Villages encompasses an area including 3 counties; Lake, Sumter, and Marion counites. The majority of the housing is single family homes raning in size from about 1,000 sq ft to about 2,500 sq ft and the price range is from about $130K to about $300K (with a few less expensive and a few more expensive). Many of the residents are part time (snow birds) from all over the country as well as from other countries such as Canada and England.

The villages is an exciting place to live. It currnetly has 24 9-hole executive golf courses and 10 18-to-27 hole championship golf courses. In addition there are dozens of recreation centers with swimming pools, shuffle board courts, tennis courts, bocci ball Read More

The Villages, FL (at Lady Lake) - 11/13/2007
I'm pretty sure my opinion will be in the minority here since my interests are more cultural and intellectual than sports or "entertainment" oriented. I moved here in January 2007, having visited for 4 days in October.The weather then was "prime". The Villages is beautiful and clean physically, but the weather from June through September is unbearably hot and humid. After living here for 9 months, I'm ready to move. If your interests are golf, tennis, or vintage car shows and rock and roll/country music on the village squares every night, this is your place. But if you have a hankering for more cultural activities, they are only occasional here at Savannah Center. The restaurants are mostly "chain" with only 2 or 3 even a "cut" above that. And all but three close at 9:00 PM or before. To get even "4 star" atmosphere you have to drive to Ocala or Mount Dora, 20 miles away. And, although, there are countless activity groups they are centered mostly on physical or hobby activities rather Read More

Retirement in central Florida - 11/2/2006
We have both travelled extensively in the course of our lives and just love the Lady Lake area. We especially like the idea of developments with town centers such as the Villages that extends over 3 counties including Lake and Sumter. I can't imagine a more delightful place to retire either year round or winters. We were really impressed with the structure and design of the community not to mention the impeccable maintenance of the roadways and country clubs. Wow, what a fabulous place, I thought it was too good to be true. The effort put forth by this family of developers is unbelievable they thought of everything. We've had their cd's sent to all our friends. There are many other communities in the area also which may not offer as much but are also attractive and perhaps a bit less in Read More

Retirement in Central Florida - 9/16/2006
Lady Lake, a small community in central Florida. 20 miles south of Ocala
and about 50 miles north of Orlando. If you're not ready to retire, this area
is probably not for you. You won't find much of entertainment if you are
under 55 years old. "The Villages" retirement community makes up most of
town. It is a very nice, very structured, very restricted area. You kind
of feel that you are always being watched. Grass always mowed just right.
Maximum of two cars, not including the almost manditory golf cart. Itreally not all that bad if you like that kind of live. I found that I really miss
interacting with a more diverse age group than what you'll find here.
Summers are HOT. 90 plus every day and lots of rain, lightning, and thunder.
Oh, did I mention the bugs? Yes, there are bugs. Mosquitos, flys, flees,
cock roaches, and ofcourse gekkos. Winters however, are why SnowBirds
flock to Florida every fall. The Read More

Retirement area - 3/1/2006
Is this a good retirement Read More

Good and Bad - 9/1/2005
I have lived here 15 years and can't wait to leave. If you are looking for retirees, overdevelopment, wasting natural beauty, hurricanes, heat, humidity and low paying jobs and terrible schools This Is THE PLACE. On the other hand, it is very safe, reasonable health care is available, and there are lots of ways to spend your Read More

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