Marco Island, Florida 

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Reviews for Marco Island  based on 2 Reviews

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Great Place to Retire To - 2/23/2017
We moved here upon retirement and have been delighted with our new community. With canals crisscrossing the entire island, most homesites are on the water, and we enjoy having our boat right behind the house. People are very friendly here, welcoming of newcomers, and happy to have new friends join in on the myriad of activities available. Yes, most people are older, but I found I don't mind that at all. We've met so many interesting, active and accomplished people at various ages and stages of retirement that set a great example of staying youthful and vibrant even into their 80's and 90's. My husband golfs with the Marco Men's Club, and one of the golfers is 99 years old and sharp as a tack. It's a good idea to join a club to get started, be it the Men's Club, the Newcomers, the Yacht Club or the Island Club. Read More

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Outsiders not welcomed at Marco Island - 7/3/2016
I have been coming to Marco Island for the past couple of years to spend the 4th of July with my family in this beautiful city, but never again. From what we learned there is a big push by the locals to block families that live out of town from legally renting another homeowner's house to spend time vacationing. In less then 30 hours the cops were called to the house three times. Two times because of parking related issues which there are similar situations in other homes in the neiborhood and one call was made on the "assumption" that my family was going to set off fireworks. Yes an assumption! The call was made at 8am on July 2nd. The policemen were very nice and courteous and admitted they hated making these types of visits but they were just doing their job. We were advised that if they were called again they would be forced to issue citations. We also noticed some of the neighbors spying and looking into the home as if we were trouble. It is clear to us that Hispanic and Read More

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