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Lots of Character - 2/12/2020
I like Miramar because there are different areas and different groups but everyone co-exist pretty peacefully. There are caribbeans, spanish cubans, haitians, italians, etc. There are two distinct areas of Miramar in my opinion. There is the east side and the west side. The west side is more affluent with targets and starbucks galore and the east side is more your mom and pop shops. I love the wide freeways that are normal to most of eastern Florida. I generally felt safe here. I loved the proximity to Miami proper. The bus system is pretty accessible and goes MANY places, however the city is not really walkable at all. It gets super hot but you probably already know that. There are a lot of events going on here and a sense of community. Read More

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Very nice - 2/4/2018
It's a multicultural area. Not one group overpowers another. Peaceful and pretty. Clean and mostly safe. Read More

Horrible Place - 8/1/2017
Run as fast as you can from here. If your not black and ghetto you will not fit in. This place has gone to syt. People are so rude and think they are still in the islands. Run fast Read More

A great place to live for those who can truly appr - 8/29/2012
After living in multiple countries around the world for at least 2 years each and having visited many places in the US due to my jobs in the US Army, I honestly do not fully grasp the negative and somewhat racist reviews that come about when one talks about Miramar. I've lived in Miramar after my family moved from Hialeah when I was 12 and it is a vast improvement from Hialeah and especially inner city Miami where I was born when it comes to general safety ie. crime. I am a half black and half hispanic individual who although can speak Spanish fluently, has not needed to use it much in Miramar.

This city is probably the most diverse city in Broward county because most of the good people who want to stay away from the high crime areas surrounding it like Carol City, Opa Locka, and most of Miami Gardens or further south with the likes of Hialeah and most of Miami end up moving to Miramar to give their children a better life. With that influx of Read More

Mix Culture and Fun - 1/21/2011
Great place to live and interact with people of different cultures, specially when it's time to Read More

what do you do and where do you live - 8/5/2007
miramar fl does not cost much, to who ever said it does, houses are 2grand, so i would like to know what you do and where you wrk>? LOL i say that because the houses are cheap in fl do to the hurricanes issuse always going on and i know this for a fact cause i lived Read More

Houses cost too much - 5/19/2007
The houses in Miramar, Fl. cost way too much. For a house that is less than 2000 sq ft it is about 300,000 or more. its ridiculous. It makes it hard for people who have a family and bills to pay daily to buy a house for themselves. I really to wish the prices around here would Read More

Very expensive - 12/21/2006
I lived in South Florida about 10 years ago and returned and now live in Miramar. What a shock that was. The cost of housing is as expensive as New York and you don't have the pay. Traffic is also horrible. But, you can't be the Read More

Way Too Expensive! - 6/7/2006
Where are we, in San Francisco? Everything from house prices to entertainment have skyrocketed upward with no end in sight. For the real estate mogul, it has been a great time, but for the rest of us, who can afford to buy a 3/2 house with no garage and no back yard and no land for $600,000. Just crazy. Who would have ever thought that Miramar, a city that not even 10 years ago was considered to be a low to lower middle class income area, now has multi-million dollar homes in it. The worst part about it, it is sooo not worth it. Too much traffic and mayhem for any sane person to live here. It's okay, I am getting out of here and going to live in the mountains. See Read More

Property Tax - 5/6/2006
The property tax is getting higher and higher and it does not compensate with the Read More

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