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Not a place you’d want to live - 9/27/2019
I lived in a neighboring area for years. NPR is known for being the dumpy area. Very dirty in most places, lots of violent crimes, and of course it’s cheaper than Pinellas county..but thats Exactly Read More

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Great place to live - 5/30/2017
This is a very friendly, safe community. The people are nice. Sims Park is growing every year. The Police are Friendly,and keep us safe.
It is pet friendly everywhere you go. The beaches are clean, and close. You have Green Key Beach which you can walk to. Taxes are low, and affordable. I would recommend New Port Ritchie, Florida to Read More

Don't Come Here - 5/17/2016
I've lived here for quite some time now. The weather is beautiful. They have a nice aquatic center but you must live within the city limits for it to be affordable. I live in the city of new port richey but outside the city limits. The beaches here are few and they're dirty. I've read some of the other comments on here and i can honestly admit they are not far off. It is not a place you should call home. If you do not drive you are up a creek without a paddle. The public transportation is horrible and it will probably take decades for the county to update it... if they update it at all, ever. I feel sorry for the people that must work at night and have to walk miles and miles just to get home. The government is corrupt... no doubt about that. If you want to move to the bay area for Christ's sake don't come here. This place will chew you up, spit you back out and chew you up again and again. The majority of the residents here are stuck here. This place Will suck you down deep into Read More
joe | ,  | Reply | 1 Reply

New Port Richey along US19 Elfers/Holidy - 12/19/2014
I have lived here since 2004 when I bought my house here. I work in Pinellas county but could only afford Pasco at the time. I had only planned to live here for 5 years. Now, since the housing bubble popped, my house has been upside down on its mortgage. It is likely I will never see it the same value again. Since I have a VA loan, I cannot foreclose without owing the government the difference of what it would sell at auction. The crime has risen since 2004 and the old people have died and replaced with renters. The house acrossed from me has had drug activity. Multiple cars, the jeans below the boxers thing and the boom box all weekend all nights that shook my house. Both houses on each side of me are empty. One of the houses was broken into and homeless people where living there 10 ft from my bedroom window. It can be scary to live here. A house down the street has been spray painted since 2009. If you call Pasco County code enforcement they will tell you there is no Read More

Horrible place to live - 8/15/2012
I moved here about six years ago and it was the worst decision of my life. Im just now starting to plan my move. I noticed all the trashy people here immediately. Its not just new port richey its all of pasco county. When driving up US 19 from pinellas county you definitely know when youve hit pasco and when you left. The crime here is unbelieveable. There are more police here than ive ever seen any where else and they look to pull you over and ticket you for the smallest things. And they are very rude and unprofessional. There are no jobs here whatsoever. Thats why the crime rate is high. The quality of life here is very poor thats why so many of its residents turn to drugs. Even the people that live in the "nicer" neighborhoods have it bad. All the houses are in foreclosure and everyone goes to the methadone clinic... Even ppl u think wouldnt be involved in that life style. Its bcuz things are so bad here and depressing. All the homeless shelters are filled to capacity and anyone Read More

living in New Port Richey and surrounding area inc - 1/2/2012
Stay away from NPR!I have unfortunatly lived here since 1992 and have seen a steady decline in this area.This area is the sess pool humanity.So many trashy people inhibit this area and its sad because ack in the 80's it was so nice.Taxes are high,all the run down neighborhoods are being taken over by renters.Prostitutes are everywhere along US19 and strip clubs as well.The school system is a joke and wages are way below standard.  Read More

Cultureless - 9/29/2011
New Port Richey is on an ever-declining downward spiral. Everywhere you look it seems that businesses are succumbing to the bad economy and closing their doors. The streets are full of potholes and in need of repair. The homeless population has skyrocketed out of control. It is simply an awful place to Read More

almost a zero - 8/23/2011
there is a tiny bit of quality of life here. and that is because you can leave and go visit the surrounding areas. otherwise, this town is awful. most homeowners, if they can are moving. if they can't yet, there planning on it. or have enough cash on hand to just leave and sell later. i'm one of them. It is still hard to understand how there are so many rejects (PEOPLE) all in one place. real ignorant, people who just do not have any sense of who or what is around them. very odd place. been here 9 years. last 5 years, the town is in the toilet now. very rude, nasty, crude, noisy. with no ability to interact with people or there surroundings. do not even mention the word culture. they have not a clue what that word even means. nor do they care.
save yourself the memory. stay away from west pasco county all together.
good luck else Read More

Overview Truth & Sincerity living within the city - 8/10/2011
no one ran for mayor here this last term ! and incumbant quit.
the police here are not crime fighters, more like security quards.
alot of the people, especially under 35 years old. are uneducated (only went as far as 9th-10th-11th grade)alot from out of state *west virginia etc. have vain ignorance. rude, nasty, ignorant, trailer trash every where. i have never spoken this way about someone in my life, but when you see this every day. alot of these people are real dumb a__s . and alot of street people, who are thieves and liars. most people know from West Coast of Florida this area is considered, where all the hicks/red necks live. been known for that as far back as the 60-70's. County is Pasco, known as Trashco County. then you have all the Bikers who ride thru town all hours with there Harley type motorcycles. idiots in pick up trucks everywhere acting like there 16 years old. drugs are everywhere here, with heavy pill mills. alot of people, really alot are receiving or Read More

New Port Richey - 7/11/2010
We will have lived in New Port Richey, Florida for 3 years this upcoming November. We find the climate, the people, churches, fellowship groups, medical attention, shopping, and anything else we may need inimitable as far as our needs go. We hope to continue living in this wonderful area forever.

There is one thing I am trying to find out about this area though. Due to the tragic oil spill, I wonder how the air quality is here and what are the chances of all these gases people are talking about coming here. Does anyone know?
Mrs. Linda Read More

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7832 Landsdowne Ln
Bed 3 | Bath 2

5323 Bellview Ave
Bed 1 | Bath 1

6210 Lincoln St
Bed 2 | Bath 1

4211 Woodsville Dr
Bed 2 | Bath 2

4851 Deer Lodge Rd
Bed 3 | Bath 3

4617 Irene Loop
Bed 3 | Bath 2

9049 Oneal Ave
Bed 4 | Bath 2


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