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Please stay away! - 12/24/2018
Pensacola has some of the most beautiful beaches in the country, and downtown is a pretty nice place to be. Those are the only things this place has going for it. The weather is awful, hot and extremely humid most of the year. I know that everyone says that their city has bad drivers, but this place is terrible. I worked for a local government entity so I have much better knowledge than most who live here about things. Car accidents are far to commonplace for a city/county of this size. At least twice a day there is a pedestrian or bicyclist that is run over, on top of the other crashes here. The reason? Pensacola PD and the Escambia Sheriff's office do not enforce traffic laws. They simply do not have the manpower after dealing with all the crime. There have been many times people have had to wait over two hours for an officer to arrive at the scene due to the volume of nonsense they have to deal with. Different police tv shows film in this county year round. Speed limits and turn Read More

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Lots of history...and great beaches nearby! - 12/13/2018
Pensacola is a really nice place to live and visit. The downtown area is very nice. If you like micro brews go to Pensacola Bay brewery and Gulf Coast brewery. Atlas Oyster House during happy hour on .25 cent oyster night is another great stop. Lots of history...Pensacola is the oldest settlement in the State of Florida. Nearby beaches are great...cross the bridge to Pensacola Beach or go west from downtown to Perdido Key.  Read More

Looking for area N FL where we can improve way of - 9/15/2016
Looking to move to Northern Florida we are wanting to go to a place where we have the ability to purchase mobile home or small home for 35000 in auction or foreclosure then to resell for extra income we also want to buy and resell cars in the same manner.

We don't have a lot of money but enough to do something like this so that we can make more money

Pensacola was our Target but it seems like that may not be a place where we can do those two things do you know where we can go in Northern Florida that would be a place we could do this thank Read More

Sunshine and Sand - 5/22/2016
The quality of life here is very poor. It's hot, humid and sticky almost year round and suprisingly there's still a lot of housing without central air. Bugs and flying insects love it here. They crawl up your sinks, out of your cupboards, and through any cracks they can find. And forget about making a decent living - the State of Florida expects you to live on Sunshine and Sand. The beaches are beautiful but if you want to live there, you better come with a lot of money. Read More

SoCal to Pensacola - better place to raise kids - 1/28/2016
Just my $0.02 as I relocated a ton growing up, and just came here from Huntington Beach 2 years ago - some of these reviews seem a little jaded.
Pensacola could be considered a small town. I think the City population is about 60K, but tie in outlying areas and it has a sizeable population that supports a lot of commerce and jobs. The downtown is awesome and I was very surprised with I came for the interview. I was expecting more of a run-down, small town feel but a lot of money has moved into the downtown area recently and renovated just about everything. It has a nice pedestrian strip with lots of restaurants/bars, art galleries, and theatres mixed in with the municipal buildings.
I think the schools in Pensacola, or Escambia County overall may be questionable. I spent time in grade school in FL as a kid and the desegregation attempts cause some weird things like bussing kids back and forth to meet quotas. We chose to live in Gulf Breeze which is in neighboring Santa Rosa Read More

Pensacola, things you need to know - 1/24/2016
First is lack of real jobs. You will not make a lot of money working here. While the beaches are very nice, the crime is very bad. The majority of the crime lies in the fact we have over 15 large housing projects. Pensacola is a very small area and we shouldn't have this much poverty in an area this small. We have a lot of gang activity in these areas and there is no one to counsel young people to keep them away from the streets where drugs and violence rule the day. Pensacola is the 6th most violent small city in the United States. Until we find some way to help at risk young people and find them mentors we will continue to have this problem. The county government is useless. Everyone wants to point their finger at the police for all the crime but this is a community problem. The high cost of living is ridiculous. Rents are sky high and to buy a house you'll overpay what the house is actually worth. You have rich people, lower middle class people and poverty. While the mayor of Read More

Pensacola - 10/28/2015
Pensacola is a cool town with lots of diversity, practically no traffic jams, & miles and miles of beaches. Unlike some places it hasn't become terribly commercialized. People can go to beaches/parks for free. There are several places to get organic food. Most the people here tend to like or love the great outdoors (surfing, fishing, beach going, bicycling, or camping). The people seem to be conservative liberals, or liberal conservatives. There are lots of college students here. A good number of options for nightlife & dining, and the weather is very nice. Read More

Is Pensacola worth the risk of relocation from Tex - 10/25/2015
I am being considered for a position in Pensacola currently and I'm concerned about things that I'm reading here. I'm currently living in North Texas area just outside of Dallas and I have all of my family nearby. I actually love where I live and I own a beautiful home here that is appreciating at 9.5% annually. The position in Pensacola is quite attractive at 135k plus full relocation, benefits and bonuses. However, I also just received the same 135k offer for a position here in North Dallas last Friday. Now I'm wondering if I'd be better off to stay here and deal with the traffic and commute time than move to Pensacola?? The overall COL is much less in Pensacola however that can't be the only determining factor in my decision to relocate or not.

Anyone who has firsthand experience and knowledge of the Pensacola area, please provide some feedback.

Thank Read More

I am looking for COL info on Pensacola - 8/18/2015
Retiring in 18 months and plan to move from SC to the Pensacola area for it's beauty and moderate climate.

I'd like to know as much as possible about the Cost of Living, sales tax, energy, gasoline, entertainment, housing, etc.

I would also like to know if there are any patio homes (single family homes with VERY small yards requiring minimal upkeep or kept up by the HOA. Every time I search for patio homes i get homes with big yards and patios attached. Does anyone understand what I'm talking about? Sometimes they are referred to as Zero Lot Line homes.

Thanks for your Read More

Pensacola: A Crummy Place to Live - 6/2/2015
Want an exciting career in retail or the food service industry? Want to "wow" your friends with a part time job that pays $11 an hour with no benefits? Pensacola is for you!

Sarcasm aside, after 20+ years living here, I finally figured out I was going nowhere. I worked retail for several years and never got ahead. None of my friends or co-workers got ahead in this town, either. All those who have been successful in their careers left the city. I decided to go to the University of West Florida and graduated before I hit 30. Now I'm leaving this place forever and I don't have any regrets about doing so.

Pensacola's job market is crap. Good paying jobs are near impossible to find, even with a college degree. Those "good paying" jobs you do find are well below market average. After graduation, I received two job offers: One here, and one in Texas. The salary difference was almost $30,000. Naturally, I took the job in Texas; while it's a bit higher cost of living, Read More

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148 Polo Ter
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177 Polo Ter
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355 Cardinal Cove Ct
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6276 Cardinal Cove Ln
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