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all crimes - 1/3/2012
all Read More

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It's no wonder - 5/22/2010
Everything in South East Florida is expensive so it's no wonder the cost of living is much higher here. You would think with the rising unemployment rate and the plummeting housing values that the cost of living would be much lower...even to try to entice companies and people to come back to the area.
SE Florida is a melting pot of disaster and if something isn't done about it soon, the area is going to become a waste-land mimicking the likes of a third world country (Hell...isn't that what America is turning into Read More

Overview - 2/28/2010
Great climate. not great for families. schools Read More

Beach Water - 6/2/2009
The beach water is polluted from the dredging at Hillsboro Inlet going south. Dredging goes on constantly dumping tons of dredged gunk from inlet bottom. I have photos to proof this. They show a black cloud of polluted surf moving south down the beach Read More

Climate - 9/1/2008
Pompano Beach is a homey, beach side community. Weather is fair year round and mild in the Read More

If you love the beach, boating, fishing this is th - 10/4/2007
I've lived in South Florida for 21 years (Fort Lauderdale area) and have watched it grow up from being a small city to a city that wants to be bigger than it is. The beach area has transformed from a grungy Spring Break haven -- you wouldn't want to go to the beach 10-15 years ago because it was a hang out for homeless, runaways and drug addicts -- to a high-end beach destination that markets itself highly in Europe. Several major high-end condo developments along the beach will create an even glitzier feel. To this day, I still wonder where all the money comes from to afford all of the $1 million dollar and higher developments along the beach area, intracoastal and now downtown. Fort Lauderdale wants to be a 24/7 city and it will get there, but it isn't close now.

You have to really love hot, humid weather -- I don't and will be relocating to Colorado or the Pacific Northwest once my son graduates HS next year. It's October 4 and it was 89 degrees today. Typical. I love Read More

Watch out for the cars (esp. the suvs and hummers; - 8/12/2006
Too many people; too many homeless; too many doing crack cocaine; too many living on the beach, sleeping on the benches and in abandoned bldgs. Too many sex offenders and criminals. If you like cars - hundreds of thousands of cars- this is the place to be! Come on down! Great weather but just make sure if you have to drive anywhere you leave plenty of time. Ive lived here in Fl all my life and in Pompano over 30 yrs. It used to be a sleepy little town all the northerners would make fun of us and how slow we were and how superior they were to us. Then they all starting moving here instead of just visiting. Sometimes it seems like the whole country- and half the world is moving here, the way the developers are building and the way roads keep getting wider and wider. Forget public transport unless you have all day and just one place to go. When I meet someone who isn't a professional, I check them out on criminal and public records, and the sex offenders website to find out if Read More

The Crowds - 5/24/2006
Not a bad place to live. But just like anything coastal its very crowded. The city is going through a resurgence though. If you like the coast with high prices then you hit Read More

beautiful Florida - 4/19/2006
Beside the tourists, who's reason for coming to Florida is clear, there are
two groups of people who live in this state. There are the wealthy, who can
afford to live here, and those of us who work for Read More

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