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Health Care is Wanting - 4/22/2017
We have lived here for six years and enjoy it very much. One gets used to the summers but they are uncomfortable. The fishing is pretty good - used to be much better. This is definitely a boating community. People are friendly and newcomers make friends quickly because we are all transplants.

The big downside is the quality of Medical care. Two of our three local hospitals (Bayfront Hospitals) recently again received D rankings; going to one of them in an emergency is a death sentence. The third, Fawcett, is decent but the ambulance service (PG Fire Department) refuses to make the trip. The local doctors are, for the most part, graduates of foreign medical schools or DOs (weren't smart enough to get into a US med school). Some, however, are good. Care is better but hardly world-class in Fort Myers. Those who can afford it, travel for treatment of serious Read More

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Hot! - 8/11/2014
That's actually only true for 3-4 months of the year - but when it's hot it's HOT! The thermometer will only say 91 or 92 degrees but with the humidity the "feels like" temperature is 110 - 111. We are getting too old to be able to call this enjoyable weather. As for the rain - we have a rainy season - typically June through early October. It used to be a safe bet that there would be a thunderstorm every afternoon, but it has become more intermittent in the past couple of years. But when it rains it RAINS! The winter months - referred to as the snowbird season - is when we have the best weather. It also reminds us year -round residents why we put up with the summer months. Typically high's of 75-80 and lows 45-50. That being said we do have frost and freeze warnings - that's when the orange juice prices increase for those of you not in Florida. Punta Gorda is considered subtropical and even if we don't need shovels - 45 degrees is chilly.  Read More

Quaint Southern Charm - 3/16/2014
I have spent a few weeks over a period of the last ten years in Punta Gorda and have found the city to be relaxing and decent. The waterfront is very enjoyable and a must for visitors. The library is useful to me for web access. I always head to the Smokehouse for a breakfast like no other. Read More

This site is severely outdated and plagued with mi - 2/15/2014
There is no way Punta Gorda is 29% hispanic as this site claims,maybe 2% hispanic,2% black,Punta Gorda is 95% white elderly retirees,with a median age of Read More

Punta Gorda is a retirement community!!! - 2/13/2014
Punta Gorda is the U.S. city with the most elderly residents,mainly mid-westeners and some retirees from middle class to upper class,the city is overwhelmenly elderly,Wich could be a culture shock if you come from a much younger city,the population triples during snowbird season October to May,It's also very conservative/republican and backwards in nature,there is also a large redneck/southern population living in the many trailer parks around the city,you will notice the many lifted trucks with confederate flags flying on trucks and front plates.
There is nothing to do for people under 55 other than drink and fishing,you have to cross the bridge into Port Charlotte for most things like shopping and the very small,run down,town center over there.

If you are an elderly conservative/republican with money to buy a boat,and like to fish and drink all day,you'll be in heaven down here.
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Apology from a Yankee - 10/31/2013
To all the citizens of Punta Gorda. I am a complete Yankee. Born and raised in Connecticut. I am planning on buying land in Punta Gorda, Florida. I'll build a small home to live in during the winter. I plan on planting fruit trees, grapes, and a big garden for when I am here. I am sorry many of us are rude. I promise you, that when I come, I will be the one that smiles at you. I will say hello. I won't be rude to any of you. I won't drive like a crazy. When your town folk meet me, they will finally meet a Yankee with manners. I will be polite. I'm sorry some of us are rude. These are people that are mean and nasty to their fellow people back in the East also. You will find there are rude people every where. They do not have to come from the East. Trust me there are good people that come from New England. Please stay open to meeting us. Joan Zakrzewski, New Hartford,. CT  Read More

PG back in the day - 6/15/2013
Punta Gorda used to be an amazing place to live back in the day. Friendly people with good manners. Laid back atmosphere. Beautiful. Everyone looked out for each other. Now that the New Jersians and New Yorkers, Michiganians, etc moved in, it is a changed place. Road rage, aggressive people in the stores with attitudes that they should have to wait and can just step in front of you in line. They have a "better than thou" attitude and a terrible accent. They've ruined our small, lovely town and we locals feel it will never be the same. Oh, yes! They like to tell us that without them and their $, we wouldn't survive! Ha! We were just fine without them. In fact, we were great. Go home yanks and take your rudeness with Read More

Waterfront living at it's finest - 2/24/2013
Punta Gorda is an historic city located near Charlotte Harbor, the Peace River and the Gulf of Mexico. You will find single family homes and condos on canals within Punta Gorda Isles. There is ample opportunity for boating, fishing, golf and more. Many of the homes have their own pool, boat dock, boat lift and more. The area is deed restricted so it is very well kept. You will see the most beautiful sunsets from your own yard. The sea walls are maintained by the city. There are walkable areas within downtown with restaurants and shops and wonderful parks that offer a variety of events throughout the year. Home prices vary but most single family homes in PGI are above $200k. More affordable homes for some retires can be found in mobile home parks and smaller Read More

Waterfront Living - 8/21/2008
We bought a home in Punta Gorda Isles in 2004, just before Hurricane Charley. Punta Gorda was beautiful then but is even more so now. After the hurricane, much thought was put into the renewal and renovation of this little town. I still wouldn't choose any place else to Read More

Nice Warm Weather - 3/21/2007
The weather is subtropical. Very warm and humid in the Summer.

Overall the economy is struggling a bit. Service oriented community, wages are not the greatest. World class fishing and boating however. It just depends what you are looking Read More

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18150 Bending Willow Ct
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12291 Cognac Dr
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1687 Nuremberg Blvd
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1615 Via Dolce Vita
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615 W Marion Ave Apt A
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26363 Guayaquil Dr
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