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What’s not to love?!?? - 3/18/2020
I love Venice! I made several visits before calling Venice home and I do not regret it one bit. The locals here are very kind. There is plenty to do (I am not of retirement age) but if it’s more excitement you want, a quick drive up to Sarasota will cure that! I enjoy the relaxing, slower pace. It’s like a breath of fresh air among the chaos of the world. If you like to golf, spend time at the beach, walking trails then Venice is great.
I recommend making a visit or two, talking with locals and exploring the area. Of course if you need advice or help I am more than happy to recommend activities or dining. If you are thinking of buying but distance and travel is a problem, especially now, working remotely with you and doing video walk throughs a of homes has become the norm and I am happy to help there as well.
Whether you want to retire or just get away from big city stress, Venice is perfect! Come on down and check it out for yourself. See you soon! Read More

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Not for the young, single, or environment. - 8/4/2019
I've been back in Venice for 8 weeks after being gone for 20+ years and I despise what this place has become.
As a single man in my 40s I can tell you there is nothing here. There are some marginal bars with terrible cover bands playing music my parents listen to. The restaurants here are either over priced, poor service, or both. (Not all of them) I have found a few hole in the wall places that are pretty decent. Our beautiful beaches are being destroyed by all the pollution and the people here don't seem to care. Recycling seems to be at all time low, littering seems to be at an all time. I love going to the beach and it looking like the ashtray outside a bingo parlour. I didn't even think you could smoke on the beach. This town caters to a generation that has turned our planet into it's personal trash can, has limited incomes, and is slowly dying off. I think most economist would say it's a poor plan, but venice embraces it. In with the old and keep out the new.
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Charming town - 10/25/2018
We live in Sarasota, which is about 25 min. from Venice. We take short day trips to Venice once in a while. What a charming downtown(Venice Beach). It also is very quiet, and well maintained.  Read More

The Sun sets in Venice on the Gulf - 7/6/2018
So, you like Venice?
Like most sought after Gulf Coast communities Venice people have a lot of outdoor activities available within reach of it's many communities and neighborhoods. Well, the beaches of course where you can discover ancient sharks teeth, warm water swims, go fishing, boating and naturally enjoy exceptionally beautiful sunsets for starters. However, we are not all beach people and others prefer to Golf, play tennis, pickle-ball, or even table tennis. The Downtown on Venice Island is quaint and Historic in character with many great restaurants and stores. Active cycling enthusiasts abound with access to the Legacy Trail for safe riding, and running. The best thing is that Venice has little traffic compared to the larger cities like Tampa or Sarasota. So do I like Venice? Well, NO, I Love it! Read More

We moved to Venice 4 years ago at age 55, well below the average age here. This is a retirement, not an employment area. Typical 2 bedroom houses, no yards, no sidewalks, few parks, etc. It's warm so we don't have to crowd into the mall to walk. But there isn't much more to do than walk, play golf, watch TV, or socialize at the Walmart. It's no wonder the kids that live here are such trouble. Utilities are cheap compared to Chicago, but you can't find a good steak except at a good restaurant. Excitement here is Orlando with the grandkids, or Miami, Fort Lauderdale, or Tampa. The only excitement in Venice is trying to prevent an accident because these people don't look, can't see or hear, and think the law here is the same as New York city. July 15th to October 1st is torrential rains and unbearable humidity. We spent 20 years traveling the USA with a heavy concentration on Florida and we kept coming back to Venice, so we moved here. There are good and bad things everywhere. Read More

Venice Ratings - 8/5/2016
Venice should be rated as one of the top ten places to live and retire in the entire country...It is simply beautiful if you live near the beaches..The weather is of the best in the county...Please start rating Read More

Cost of Living vs. Wage does not Balance! - 2/6/2016
A word to the wise...if you're planning on moving to the Venice, South Venice, or Englewood area, be aware, rental prices are through the roof, but... the hourly wage is not. On average a administrative/office position may pay between the rate of $10 - 12.00 per hour and most times, it's not a full 40 hour work week. And, those jobs are scarce. Housing is through the roof. Monthly rentals for a two bedroom, 1 1/2 to 2 bathroom house are now renting for over $1200.00 per month (and you're lucky to find 1,000 sq.ft). And, if you want any amenities, such as a pool, fenced yard, garage it's going to cost you well over $1600.00 + per month and most likely you'll pay for the cost of maintaining the pool and your own yard care. And, let's not forget, if you have a PET, most times, they are not welcome. And, if you're fortunate enough to find a landlord or rental company who does welcome your beloved pet, you'll be paying a "non refundable" outrageous pet fee. Rental costs have increased at Read More

crime - 8/19/2010
i have lived in venice all my life raised two kids thru FSU and have never experienced any crime especially the travis guy who say kids are kidnapped also Venice in my opinion is one of the best, secure and quietist places to live in the florida area. We have noticed no depreciation in our palace house in over 29 years it gone five fold in Read More

realestate value.. - 10/18/2009
A lot of people including me have seen the value of our homes decline at almost60% , my home at one time was valued at $240,000 for my 3br. 2bth,1800 sq. ft. home, now i have a short sale going on and cannot even get offers of $119,000. there are Read More

Cost of Living - 12/1/2008
It's hard looking for a job and to start Read More

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339 Wild Pine Way
Bed 3 | Bath 2

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5883 Monroe Rd
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3231 Meadow Run Dr
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620 Oxford Dr
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1830 Killdeer Ct
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2326 Scenic Dr
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