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Brunswick, Georgia Reviews

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A nice place to retire to - 5/19/2022
Moved here six years ago… A great place to live… Excellent weather and always has a gentle seabreeze… A great place for retirees… And Brunswick has an excellent tax system for retirees not dark plenty of pretty beaches good food and nice Read More

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A more updated review - 8/5/2017
Hello all
I have been in Brunswick for the last 13 years. Many of the reviews that are here were accurate 8, 10, or 15 years ago (when they were written). Today, we still have some crime, but a whole lot more police. The housing and shopping are plentiful and the employment opportunities are outstanding.
A silly example: We have a book store (Books a Million). Most of you would say "big deal!" The next nearest bookstore is more than 125 miles away.
Housing is what you make it. I can show you a home for $25,000 or a home for $25 million. Food and fuel prices are good and there is a saying here: Whatever you need is here in Brunswick. If it is not, then there is a major city one hour to the south(Jacksonville) and one to the north (Savannah).
As a bonus- the coast can be reached in about 30 minutes or less from just about anyplace in or around the Read More

retiring soon looking for a nice place to visit. - 1/12/2012
I hope to be in that area by the Read More

crime in brunswick georgia: what to do to keep you - 9/11/2011
I lived in Brunswick my whole life and recently moved due to the raising crime rate in the city and county limits the amount of crime is unacceptable considering the amount of law enforcement in the area in 2004 i was leaving a friends house as a made my way through the streets heading for the highway i stopped at a stop sign keep in mind this is in the city limits a group of three armed men entered the back seat of my car and demanded that i drive to a secluded area when one of the armed men made the comment that we would be killed i had no other choice than to drive my car into a building in hopes me and my friend would be able to escape the plan worked better than i hoped not only did we make it out with only minor injury but they were not able to obtain our money or kill us as we ran away the fired numerous shots trying to hit us when the police were notified the Glynn county police made us the criminals and refused to even investigate the crime. after a few years passed more and Read More

Climate - 2/1/2011
The fall, winter, and early spring are moderate and pleasant.

Summers are hot and humid but less extreme than other regional areas.  Read More

Horrible place to live! - 8/28/2009
Brunswick is a horrible place to live. For the population being so small, the crime rate is awful! Two people were robbed and murdered within 12 hours of each other just this week. Besides the crime rate, the government is corrupt. Judges punish the innocent and let the guilty go free. Meanwhile, the police(not all but most) are doing all the things that they are arresting others for doing. Brunswick is a disgusting place to Read More

Good Proximenty to beaches and cities - 4/26/2009
If you want a warm and relaxed place to live, then Brunswick is for you. It's proximenty to several beaches and major southern cities e.g. Jacksonville, Fla. and Savannah, Ga, are 1 hour away. The people are friendly and most are from somewhere else so are more receptive to meeting new people. This area is very much gauged toward the retirement community. There is fishing, golfing, boating, touring, and close to major Airports. I personnaly would like a cooler climate and to see all four Read More

Brunswick Climate - 3/21/2009
Brunswick is a moderate size town that is on the Georgia Coast. About an hour from Savannah or Jacksonville, there are sunny days most of the year. Summers are considered hot with 100 plus degree weather. Breezes from the ocean makes it plesant. Cool evenings seem like tropical islands. Winter weather for coats and heavy wraps is a brief two to four week period in January and February. If you are looking for peace and quiet, beaches, lots of sun, friendly people, Brunswick is where you want to be, even for a Read More

Housing - 11/16/2007
Brunswick hosts the majority of Glynn County's "public house" needs. These buildings were built during the 1940's to meet the war effort for ship building, then were converted to low income housing. Some of these units were built in the middle of existing neighborhoods, which now create pockets of instability in older neighborhoods that are nearing a century in age.

But, due to the colonial history, and intracoastal waterway access, There are neighborhood areas that are very attractive with leafy tree lined streets and Atlantic coast views. Victorian erea architecture fills the the entire "southend" which was formaly populated by shipping barrons of the late 18th early 19th century. The district now is being re-invented by urbanites moving to Brunswick for the small town feel. Homes are being renovated and not removed, thanks to the historic designation of the area.

Go to google earth to see local pictures.Read More

Can't complain about the weather - 3/15/2006
After seeing what people in the nothern climes are enduring year after year, I cannot complain about the weather here in SE Read More

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