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Illegals have taken over - 6/28/2019
Born and raised here and it’s a different world here now. A lot of illegals have came and taken a lot of the jobs here. The carpet industry has went down the tubes. Crime is high there also. I have some family that still lives there. It’s really not a good place to live and hasn’t been for 10 years. The illegals have moved in by the thousands and I wish it was a good town like it was when I was growing up but it’s not. Don’t move here unless you speak bi lingual at least. They call Dalton little Mexico because of the overwhelming illegal problem. Most can’t speak any English at all but her carpet mills will hire them. And most have green cards that are not real and they work through temp companies with fake IDs. Dalton is a trash town compared to what it used to be. Read More

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Beautiful small mountain town! - 5/6/2019
I reside on the outskirts of dalton near chatsworth ,ga or murray county! I have lived here for 26 years and absolutely love our small mountain town with the blueridge mountains near me and the Appalachian mountains on the other side of town you never get tired of the amazing views of the mountains anywhere you go around town you have views of them! It can get a tad boring here unless you like live music and food! if you do get bored you can drive north 30 mins to Chattanooga or south 1 hour 30 mins to Atlanta. Their is plenty of work here from the carpet industry this is why we are the carpet capital of the world if you dont like that their is everything from construction, painting, automotive, tractor trailer repair, diesel mechanic ect! Everyone here is known for our southern hospitality you wont meet a stranger instead everyone will say "hello" if you say "hello"! Read More

DON'T move here. Seriously,I was staying here with family for a short time and boy did I hate it there's no jobs,unless you wanna work at Wal-Mart or you're used to not working then its a place for you but there's Nothing to do,its pretty backwards too and there's no diversity. Restaurants suck. It also lacks a lot of stores and a mall. I don't know how those people live there. There's better places in Georgia to live then here. Plus the altitude screws with your body up there I felt it. Don't go there Read More

Grate Place to grow a Family - 4/7/2018
I came to Dalton in 1998, I have work in just about any area of the industry. Yes! there is lots of work in the carpet industry, but only very few get to have the best positions. I have travel an live in others countries and the reason I said that Dalton is a great place to live is because I see lots of good elements like low cost of living. If a person works hard you can achieve things for your self or family. Down side to Dalton is, it needs more diversity of industries. Carpet industries seems like mafias. I don’t agree we the racists title that was given to Dalton. It’s a matter of opinion. Many people look at Dalton as a boring town, but people can always go to Chattanooga or Atlanta for mayor entertainment. Trafic is low, but I wish we can have more sidewalks or designated road marks for bycicles. We also need a better public transportation. Roads on other hand are always keep up in good shape.Dalton have great parks around the city to play sports, also lots of green areas. Read More

If you are Hispanic do not come to Dalton GA - 4/22/2014
Do not come to Dalton GA, this is one of the most racist towns in Georgia. You will be discriminated against by police at every corner specially on the weekends. The police holds "redadas" on the most popular places visited by hispanics on a weekly basis,ex: restaurants, parks, etc. Hispanic's or any immigrant live in fear. It is very sad how families are being separated since Sheriff Chitwood made an agreement with ICE. Is ironic in a way since most immigrants work for the big Mohaw and Shaw companies, people here do not like hispanics but they eyes shine when they see their money, or want to hire them for 7.25 an hour. when they should be paying more for that type of work. Worst place Read More

Local economy way down! - 7/24/2010
Have lived in the Dalton area for over a decade. Their used to be plenty of jobs here. The flooring industry has suffered major job losses in the last few years. Lots of UE...currently, at over 12%. If you are looking for work, don't come Read More

Don't come here for work - 7/23/2010
Have lived in the Dalton area for 12 + years. This used to be a great place to find work, but no more. The flooring industry has taken a major downturn. The current UE rate is over 12%. If you need a job...you'd better look elsewhere.  Read More

A Small Manufacturing Center that is also a Wonder - 1/8/2010
Dalton, Georgia, is a wonderful small town that is home to the Carpet Industry. Although carpet is still the primary flooring product produced in Dalton, other flooring products are growing in popularity.

Dalton became the flooring center of the World because of visionary entrepreneurs, great infrastructure (both transportation and utility), and a great location within the United States. The same energy that fueled the success of the Carpet Industry also fueled the creation of a wonderful town that boasts a beautiful downtown, outstanding recreational facilities, Dalton State College, fantastic philanthropic organizations, and a real passion for community.

As the carpet indistry matures and benefits from technological investments, Dalton is attractive for new investment from targeted companies looking to invest in the Southeastern US.
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be aware if you are considering a move to dalton, - 11/23/2008
the dalton ga police and judicial system are notorious as a "good 'ole boy" system, so be forewarned if you are considering a move to the dalton ga area. you will, without fail, without warrant be accused of some variation of serious offense if you so choose to stay in the area of dalton for any significant length of time, it is an accepted truth of the area police, and as for fighting any offenses the local judicial system, simply have a talk with any local attorneys in the area and you will come to understand that fighting any charges against you in the local court is a moot point, as any attorney in the area will tell you the court there is about recovering payment from ticket fines and they frown upon raising a defense in court as they see it as "challenging" the system there rather than a constitutional right to defend yourself, not exactly a slant you want placed against you if you are a decent citizen. it really is a shame how stuck in the small town, old south, past the Read More

99% Just Right - 2/1/2007
WE enjoy excellent weather most of the year. A few days each year it can get in the high 90's but because of the mountains all around us that does not happen too often. Winter is usually without a heavy coat except for a few weeks in late January thru February. Location allows for us to go in the mounstains, where it is cooler when it is too hot or to the ocean, which is only a few hours away when it is cold. Four seasons and agreeable climate
is one of Dalton's best Read More

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451 N Castle Rd
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508 Reed Rd
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2112 Crimson Dr
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538 W Broadacre Rd NW
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28 Needham Dr
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1069 Groves Dr NE
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5086 NE Mitchell Bridge Rd
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