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Gwinnett County - 6/16/2010
I have to wonder if the review of Duluth GA was based on Duluth postal codes or the actual city limits. My query stems from the fact that Fulton is listed as the county reviewed, yet city limits are contained within Gwinnett County. John's Creek has been added as part of Duluth, but is not reflected as in the city proper on the official city map.

Which leads me to the cost of housing. I believe the mean home price was around $340,000, which is understandable factoring in several exclusive communities such as Sugarloaf and St Marlo. The good news is there's a lot of affordable housing available for under $150,000.

And if your home doesn't come with a pool, Gwinnett County offers the best value around. While technically in Norcross, West Gwinnett Pool on Peachtree Industrial has 2 indoor pools open all year and a mini water park complete with lazy river, 2 water slides and little squirts area available during Summer for $5 or less & free Read More

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Relocating and seeking residents viewpoint on life - 3/29/2008
I plan to relocate my family to Duluth, Ga. in the upcoming months and i need a little insight on how life in Duluth, Ga. really is including the negative and positive. I am coming from NJ so i know about high taxes, high unemployment and crime. The air here is terrible, my boys have asthma. They go to good schools here and i would like to know about schools. I have a CDL w/Endorsements, i drive a school van here. I am an African-American single mother and i am raising my family by the "old school values": no gangs, no thugging, no sassing adults, etc. i would like to know about the teenagers in Duluth as well. I hope that there are things for my family to enjoy as a family too. I love to cook and eat and shop, so do my boys so naturally we need to know if stores and restaurants are nearby. Thanks in advance, i would appreciate any help. Also, how is the weather there, i cannot stand cold air, we have hard winters Read More

A response to all of the negative remarks as and - 1/12/2008
I'm a single African American mother. I think that Georgia is beautiful. How ever there are some pitfalls. In order to live in GA, you have to have structure a plan and a budget. I lived here for 5 years and I struggled the first 2 years. But with perserverence, I've accomplished my goals. The traffic is horrible, Maybe you should consider moving closer to your job. Observe,research and read about what is going on. Most jobs hire thru temp agencies. You have to network, you can meet alot of positive people. Crime is all over, you have to go by your intuition. On dating, if you limit youself to one ethnicity then you don't have much to choose from. White men are wonderful as well as other ethnic groups. Housing can be expensive, prioritize. Do you want to have a luxury car or a coach or would you prefer to live comfortable. Don't set limitations for yourself. Strive to have the best and make the best out of what you have. Keep on smiling GA really isn't that Read More

It's HOT... all year long - 12/12/2007
It's mid December and the weather here is just ridiculously hot. If you are from the North, go ahead and pack your winter clothes away for good; you won't need them here anytime soon. In the morning, it can get a little chilly in the low 50s but nothing serious. Other than that, Duluth is very practical, everything you ever want is with in 15 min drive Read More

Great place to live for a single young adult - 1/9/2007
I lived there for a couple of years. Lives in Memphis, Bronx and Vancouver since then. Duluth takes the cake for overall quality of Read More

two ends of the spectrum - 7/12/2006
Here in Duluth - one will find out fast that you will fit into two categories:
Working Hard -
or Hardly Working.
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1837 Baxley Pine Trce
Bed 3 | Bath 3

205 Gainford Ct
Bed 5 | Bath 4

2687 Shetland Ln
Bed 4 | Bath 2

3809 Baxley Ridge Dr
Bed 4 | Bath 4

3022 Briaroak Dr
Bed 4 | Bath 3

3963 Craigwood Dr
Bed 3 | Bath 2

3540 Strathmore Dr
Bed 3 | Bath 3


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