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Duluth, GA is home to a variety of schools that offer excellent education opportunities. The schools in the area are highly rated and have a good reputation among parents and students alike. There are many public elementary, middle, and high schools for families to choose from as well as several private schools with diverse curriculums. The local school system works hard to ensure every student has access to quality instruction and resources necessary for academic success. Duluth is also home to multiple community colleges and universities that offer degree programs for those who wish to pursue higher education. With its excellent educational offerings, Duluth provides an ideal setting for families who place a premium on quality education for their children.

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Over 3 years ago

I live within the city limits of Duluth Georgia, I moved here from the Washington DC area. I love Duluth Georgia because it has a small town feel with all the big city  More

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Over 14 years ago

I have to wonder if the review of Duluth GA was based on Duluth postal codes or the actual city limits. My query stems from the fact that Fulton is listed as the county  More

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I plan to relocate my family to Duluth, Ga. in the upcoming months and i need a little insight on how life in Duluth, Ga. really is including the negative and positive.  More

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