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Jackson County Georgia, Political corruption, high - 6/29/2013
Jackson County, Georgia is considered the worst county in GA to reside in. The politicians, county manager, sheriff's dept., local police departments, etc. have all been found to be corrupt.
29% of children in Jackson County actually graduate from high school & they are encouraged to drop out. Education is not considered of any value in this county.
The average teen pregnancy age is 13. She will have a baby, go on welfare & by the time she is 15 will have another baby, hence, the cycle continues.
A very large part of the population exists on welfare, which also extends from generation to generation. An extreme amount of families are on disability,(everyone in the family), the parent's get disability for whatever reason they can dream up, while the children are mainly diagnosed with ADD & receive disability payments for that. It is rather funny that medication for ADD can be taken & a child will function normally, but, I guess it doesn't work that way here.
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Living on Lake Jackson - 6/3/2007
Living in the Jackson area is really like being in the counry with all the conveninces of the city less than an hour away. We are going to retire on Lake Jackson very soon. Email me if you need further info on this great Read More

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