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Modern day Mayberry with diversity and a few clubs - 1/23/2019
I tried to rate Loganville five stars but there was some sort of glitch and could only do four stars. I lived in Loganville for almost 25 years. Originally from Long Island, lived in Georgia most of my life. Moved to Loganville in '96 with my husband and two young children because the housing was so affordable. We bought a beautiful 3 year old house, 2000 sq ft on an acre of land on a cul de sac, in a subdivision with swim, tennis, stocked lake and walking trails for $121k back in 96. You can find plenty more just like that in the $200k price range today. The schools were very good at the time and are even better now. I just sold my house to my daughter and husband and her young boys because it's the perfect place for them to raise their children. Plenty of space to run around to your heart's content, fresh air, low crime, no pollution, clean water, great schools, an adorable downtown that's active with parades and street parties...there's also all the conveniences needed in Read More

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Great small town to raise a family - 5/21/2017
Loganville is a great small town to raise a family in. It has the old time values you see in small towns. People are respectful and kind and it reminds me of stepping back in time. They are not a fast paced city to get a nightlife in. It is more reminisce of the town your grandparents grew up in. There is a lot of things for families to do together, like hiking at Stone Mountain or bowling or going to weekend soccer games to see your kids play. Like I said previously, it is more of a family atmosphere. If you are single and young, it probably wouldn't appeal to you, but otherwise, it really is a great place to live. The schools are wonderful and the median home prices are around $170,000 for a good area. The only thing I wish they had around here would be an old time drive in theater. They should also consider revamping some of the empty buildings in the area. They really would have a gold mine if they made some of those small improvements. The area is growing and I hope Read More

Georgia most repressive and uncivilized state. H - 2/6/2010
Moved from the new jersey to Georgia 1 year ago. Life in Georgia is horrible deprsssing and will deplete your savings if you have one before you know it. The only positive thing is the Houses are nice,and the lanscape is beautiful. But its a very repressive state. Cost of living unbelieveable. crime shocking. Forget trying to find a good paying job. The drivers ridiculously stupid. Life is very hard in Georgia geting from one place to another. The distance takes a toll on you especially the mileage on your car, paying for gas. Just Read More

That's really sad to hear. I just got back from staying with a friend who is in mourning and needed the company. During the month I visited with her I fell inlove with Loganville. Compared to New York I would take Loganville a million times. You say Atlanta has crime, no visit Manhattan NY that's real crime. I think you just ventured where you weren't Read More

suffer the traffic of a big city without having th - 3/27/2008
We live in Loganville, Georgia. I have only been here about 1 1/2 years, but don't like much about it. We live about 40 minutes outside of Atlanta but it never takes just 40 minutes to get to Atlanta. There is terrible traffic all the way out here with little or nothing to do out here. You have to either go to Atlanta and suffer the traffic or go to Athens, which again doesn't have much for families - just college kids. The crime rate in Loganville itself is very low, but in the metro Atlanta area it is bad, so if you leave your Loganville to actually go do something - you fight traffic and sometimes the fear of venturing too far into Atlanta, especially if you don't know enough about the areas and all. I know there are people, though who have lived here all their lives and are very happy with it, I just don't happen to be one of those Read More

Life in the 'ville - 8/17/2007
I am 29 and have lived in Loganville since birth. My mom also grew up here and then built her home in 1970.
Things have really changed...I HATE the growth. It is too much, too fast. I am a proponent for change and growth if planning and community values are taken into account.
The quality of life has radically declined in the last 5 years; which is why I am considering relocating to raise my children in a small town community like the one I grew up in and miss.
I wish Gwinnett County wasn't anywhere near Loganville, but I understand the enormous growth there has just begun to spill over here. Pretty soon it won't be recognizable as the place I grew up loving. Apparently plenty of others find it appealing since everyone and their brother is moving Read More

like it here - 7/12/2006
i move from Atlanta into a suburb in the Loganville/Snellville area. Loganville used to be ridiculed. For some reason the area is progressing- homes are all quite reasonable. I enjoy being here. I don't have to go into ATL unless I want to because everything you need is right here good hospital, schools, shopping etc.

I'm glad I'm not in ATL and enjoy being in Loganville/Snellville/Grayson (Gwinnett County). I guess you better get in while you Read More

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402 Sharon Way
Bed 3 | Bath 2

515 Hope Hollow Ln
Bed 4 | Bath 3

170 Hope Hollow Rd
Bed 4 | Bath 3

2373 Shady Maple Ln
Bed 4 | Bath 3

3850 Marham Park Cir
Bed 4 | Bath 3

4491 Ivy View Ct
Bed 6 | Bath 4

527 Mary Margaret Walk
Bed 4 | Bath 3


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