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Marietta - 11/6/2015
Marietta is a great place to Read More

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Good town - 11/28/2013
Nice Read More

Relocating to the area - 2/22/2012
Hello Everyone:

I am looking to relocate my family from Hattiesburg, MS to Marietta, GA by June 2012. I have visited the area several times and fallen in love with the atmosphere and the community. I would like to know if it is better to rent an apartment first or rent a house, please help! I am slso curious about the school district especially the Marietta City School versus the Cobb County school district. Which one is better? June 2012 is approaching fast so any information that you can provide is greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance for your time and Read More

apt search - 1/23/2012
hey guys just wanted to know where online other than craigslist i could find an apt in a good area in Marietta Read More

Marietta questions - 1/23/2012
Hello guys i need help please im moving from Massachusetts to Marietta GA with my two children!! i just wanted to know where in Marietta is the best place to live and im talking about no crime, good parks and things to do for the kids my 4 and 6 year olds, also jobs, transportation also because i dont drive just yet, i mean just basics and of living in a save and fun enviroment please help me and please dont be negative? Thank you Read More

Affordable living but at a cost - 2/28/2010
We have lived in Marietta for over 3 years. Overall, the experience has been average. There are several aspects that might appeal to families and couples alike - relatively low taxes, accessibility to Atlanta, most conveniences within driving distance, affordable housing, relatively less congested as compared to other suburbs, decent schooling.

Here's one important aspect that one should consider - Marietta is a TRAIN ZONE (sometimes it feels like a train yard depending on where you live), but most of the city is built around train tracks and train crossings. Train crossings invite train honking. For people who are sensitive to noise, this will absolutely drive you to the brink. Train honking is mandated by the FRA with certain guidelines but you cannot be sure that operators will be consistent with that. So at time it feels like the honking is incessant and LOUD especially at night. With over 40 trains passing through the city in a 24 hours period, it can feel as if you Read More

Atlanta - Marietta Economy - 11/14/2009
We can all complain about the economy in Atlanta, but hey... The economy is bad everywhere. Atlanta is not so bad. There are lots of large companies that are headquartered here and they almost always seem to be hiring. Housing my be a little over priced, but that probably due to the economy driving the prices that high to begin Read More

Travel time takes away any quality of life - 11/9/2009
I moved here from a West Michigan city, (population just under 200,000 to give you a perspective, if you're coming from LA maybe this would be great!) and it has been a terrible experience. The traffic is so awful even in outlying Marietta (West Cobb) that just to go to Kroger, 2 miles away takes 10 minutes each direction, a 6-7 mile trip at the wrong time of day, which would be anything outside of approx. 9:30a-3p, would likely be 40 mins.+. With every errand, activity and work commute taking so long, there is not much time for getting together with friends or even having friends (remember everyone else is just as bogged down as the next, no time or energy left for friendships), keeping the house in good repair or having family time. Basically you live in your car here if you want to have groceries, wear clothes, your kids in any activities, work etc.

Everything is very spread out too so you will likely be driving somewhere across town to accomplish your errands or for Read More

Hotlanta & Humidlanta - 9/15/2009
Atlanta didn't receive the nickname Hotlanta by accident. The summer months are quite hot, with severe humidity. Many people will find this type of weather more uncomfortable due to the humidity than even hotter, dry places, such as Phoenix or Las Read More

Marietta - 6/18/2009
Ilived in the city for three years was really nice when I first moved there since then the city has grown and continues to grow. Being a suburb of Atlanta most people commute and traffic is just horrible seeing it's 20 minutes from any major highway(75 or 20). The public school system is a little behind. While housing is not that expensive property taxes are a nail bitter. The city is still having difficulty with race relations but seems to finally be on the right track. Downtown is very nice and has a southern charm ofcourse with plenty of things to do. So many parks and nature trails to choose from.Public transportation is not that good and does not runon sundays so you will need a car. Plenty of restaurants and little shops. The closes mall is in Kenessaw which is a 15 minute drive. I would encourage you visit first and then decide on Read More

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30062 30066 30064 30067 30060 30008 30068

3430 Mill Stream Ln SW
Bed 5 | Bath 3

2240 Piedmont Ridge Dr
Bed 3 | Bath 2

1808 Stone Bridge Way
Bed 4 | Bath 3

4018 Ebenezer Rd
Bed 4 | Bath 4

242 Freyer Dr NE
Bed 3 | Bath 3

772 Chanson Dr SW
Bed 4 | Bath 2

4704 Hallford Way NE
Bed 4 | Bath 3


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