Richmond Hill, Georgia 

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Reviews for Richmond Hill  based on 4 Reviews

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Over crowded, Bad traffic and rude people. - 3/29/2019
I have lived here for five long years. This is the worst place I have ever lived. There is nothing to do and nowhere to shop. You have to travel thirty minutes to get to the mall. Which is in an even whose city. There is no such thing as southern hospitality here everyone is mean and nasty. No one says hello, no one waves, no one opens up the door for you. Our neighbors stole our package. Several people don't follow the dog leash law. You have dogs running around pooping in your yard and scaring your children. People are horrible drivers here. There is an accident everyday. People drive so crazy and jump in front of you and make you slam on your breaks. The schools are over crowded because they keep building houses. The buses are over crowded children have to stand up on the bus. The buses are late so much the school put up illegal signs to yield to the buses, when in this state right turns all yield. The middle school is fifteen minutes from town, and they are building a new Read More

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Great place to live - 3/7/2014
This town is a wonderful place to live. Schools are great - every child receives a quality education. There is no need for private schools because the public school system is so good. Housing is very affordable. The people are friendly, helpful, and have a strong sense of community. Around Richmond Hill are several trails and parks for hiking and outdoor recreation. Several areas also have access for boating and fishing. Savannah is 13 miles away and abounds with great shopping, cuisine, museums, and culture. The area is only 4 hours away from Walt Disney World and Universal Studios, and even closer are pristine beaches along the Golden Isles and in Florida. If you are considering a move to the Savannah area then Richmond Hill is a great place to Read More

A great place to live - 12/16/2009
Wonderful schools - every child gets an education comparable to any private school. A sense of community, low crime, and close to outdoor recreation. And not too far from Savannah (13 miles). The weather can be quite hot during the summer, but most residential areas have pool access. Many have marinas and a public marina is not too far away. Winter is nice - no snow, mild temperatures. Only 4 hours to Orlando which makes it easy to take the kids to some of the most popular and entertaining amusement parks in the world. A very family oriented community. I would highly recommend it if you desire a community with all these things and a mild winter Read More

Richmond Hill, Georgia - 3/3/2008
Small but fast growing community located approximately 30 minutes from Savannah. Fort Stewart and Hunter Army Air Facility are nearby providing a steady population growth to the Read More

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