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Beautiful country, but... - 6/10/2018
Overrun with immigrants from CA who have driven up the cost of real estate sky high. Also, the traffic has become brutal for a small town.
Long cold dreary winters with little sun to speak of. If you can handle this, not a bad place to live providing you have lots of $. National forest and wilderness areas to enjoy nearby as well as quite a few Read More

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CDA is best! - 2/13/2018
Lived here 13 year and love it. Friendly place, community oriented and surrounded by some of the most beautiful scenery. Not a high dollar ritzy place but certainly holds its own in attractions. Weather can be snowy (not always) but main roads are cleared 24/7; Sandpoint is a ski destination as is nearby Mt. Spokane. Cold at times but very comfortable. Summers are often hot and dry with thunderstorms once in a while but no rain from late June until September is often the case. I come from the Los Angeles area. Never liked the extreme heat so am loving this and would never go back, we have many former Californians here. And four seasons. Lots to do, good schools and churches, and a friendly environment. No place is absolutely perfect but I've lived in other states and Coeur d'Alene is my Read More

4 star place - 2/7/2018
Coeur d'alene is wonderful. Be prepared to either have employable and marketable career path or wealth to live comfortably in CDA. The water, outdoors, and weather is for the most part wonderful. The winters are long, but the awesome summer makes up for it. The endless activities to do in, around and outside CDA is wonderful. The high cost of taxes, property taxes, millionaires moving in and destroying the landscape, lack of diverse employment, lack of opportunities for employment, and lack of adequate modern housing brings this place down to 4 stars. Sorry, but my words are true. Be prepared for bumper to bumper and avoidance during tourist season downtown. Decent community college, but otherwise no colleges. This is a place to retire, or serve the retirees, or just be an obsessive nature hack like myself. Read More

Coeur d'Alene Review - 6/16/2017
It is a beautiful town, with so much to do during the summer (Car D'Lane is happening today, June 16th, and is always worth checking out. I am not a fan of the winters but I am from Texas . And I am Muslim, so I got some backlash but nothing major. All in all, a wonderful Read More

why is the crime rate so high in coeur d'alene id. - 8/22/2015
anyone know why? my wife and i are considering moving there but now not Read More

no place to live - 10/22/2014
there are no jobs in Spokane wa. my grandson put in an application for a job at a movie theatre and was told they had over 100 applications for it. I have 30 years office and call center experience and could not get a job in spokane. my daughter has a bachalors and a masters degree and could not find a full time job. I have to drive 45 minutes to the next city Coeur d alene id to work and it is next to impossible to find a place to live in Coeur d alene id unless you have perfect credit and it takes a week to find out if you are approved for an apartment. all housing in both cities are owned by corporations. there are very few apartments or houses owned by an individual for rent a one bedroom ranges from 650 to 1000 a month. I have lived in several places in this country and this area is the most difficult to live in that I have ever seen for jobs and housing. it is pretty here but not that pretty. in Spokane there are homeless people all over the city panhandling and there are Read More

Beautiful with very long long winters - 4/20/2011
We have lived here for 8 years and we love it it's beautiful but I would not say there are 4 seasons. April and May are usualy cloudy and for the most part rain a lot. June starts to warm up so you have JUly and August with warm sunny days then the end of Sep starts to cool down a lot. I always say that winter lasts for 3 seasons. There are 174 sunny days here. The average income is very low somewhere aroun $35k a year and housing is pretty high. BUT there is a lot to do, it's so beautiful up here and worth it if you love the outdoors and love snow. The winter is pretty quit and come spring/summer we get a lot of traverls which can make traffic horrible but it's still a lot of fun! We are looking to move though. 8 years with little sun is starting to get to us. Some people do fine with little sun but growing up in a sunny state for 23 years then moving to a place with very little sun is wearing on us. We will be back every summer to visit Read More

Past its Prime as a Place to Live - 5/10/2009
We moved to Coeur d'Alene 8 years ago after having spent 40+ years in Idaho Falls, Idaho. We were enamored with the beauty of the lake and surrounding area. We hadn't been here long until we realized that the place was changing rapidly! Traffic is awful for this sized town, recreation areas nearby are overcrowed during the times one can use them, and worst of all, people from California move up here because of the small-town atmosphere and then immediately want to change it (and the people) to California! The mountains around are being covered with houses and the forests are coming down! It is a reincarnation of what happened to Jackson Hole, WY and Sun Valley, ID. Winters are long and damp-cold and air-conditioning is mandatory if you want to be comfortable during the very short summer! The cost of living and taxes are high! If you haven't got big bucks to start with, you'd be well-advised to look elsewhere for a place to Read More

Coeurd'Alene Idaho - 4/4/2009
I have lived here all my life......42 years. At one time it was a beautiful place to live. The entire kootenai county area went from a small laid back logging town to a busy, overcrowded, snobby city of 125,000 people. Our town is full of traffic, polution and it is just crazy to go anywhere anymore.
The cost of living is above the national average and houses are untouchable here for the blue collar man.
Our farm fields are all now covered in sub-divisions and strip malls.
The lakes are loaded with people and camping area's, so you cant really enjoy the outdoors like you use to.
We locals are called slow and simple minded people by new people moving up here and it is disturbing because us locals use to be very friendly.
There have been many times I've had people flip me off, come to my window at parking lots and start yelling at me.....I've had people slam their car door open and dent my door and then start threatening to kick my A_ _ because I Read More

I have found it to be quite the opposite. The people in Coeur d'Alene are extremely friendly. Not only are they friendly, but they welcome diversity. There isn't a whole lot of cultural diversity, but it is definitely welcomed. PLEASE DO NOT LET THIS PERSON'S OPINION PUSH YOU AWAY FROM COEUR D'ALENE! IT IS A TRULY WONDERFUL PLACE TO Read More

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83815 83814

2073 W Normandie Ln
Bed 3 | Bath 2.0 |

6565 N Harris Hawk Ln
Bed 3 | Bath 2.5 |

7812 N Joanna Dr
Bed 3 | Bath 0.0 |

4469 W Magrath Dr
Bed 4 | Bath 3.0 |

2682 W Larix Ct
Bed 4 | Bath 3.0 |

3944 W Long Meadow Dr
Bed 4 | Bath 3.0 |


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