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Great Place to Live - 2/21/2018
Move here years ago from California. Wonderful place to raise a family and the sports opportunities here are unparalleled. It's not much of a drive to Island Park, Jackson Hole, and other outdoors playgrounds. There is a real sense of community Read More

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I love Rexburg. It is a wonderful place to live! - 1/29/2018
We moved our family here from California for a better life and it worked. Now I help people buy homes here. I have a Love It or Leave It guarantee for all of my home buyers which takes the risk out of Read More

Love Rexburg and East Idaho - 12/19/2017
Moved here 3 years ago and never looked back. Great place for families and community. Highly Read More

The Hill, with a capital H. - 11/11/2017
I love this town. I have lived here now for 15 years, and it has truly been an incredible place to grow up. However, there is one problem with living here. High school sucks. This town is small enough, that everybody goes to the same Jr. High and High school. To some this might sound nice, and in some ways it is. The problem is, everybody sticks with the same friends they had in like 6th grade, when they started Jr. High school. This means, if you were a quiet, introverted person, then you have no friends. Till you graduate and leave town. Not fun right?

And it's not just that. If you try and make new friends or try to get a little more influence, you're automatically weird, for not being "normal." And then there's the rich kids. The city of rexburg sits on a big hill. Most of the city sits at the base of the hill, and then there are houses all the way up the hill and a water tower at the top. Also at the top of the hill is where the rich people live. I'm not going to sit Read More

Get ready to lean right - 2/16/2017
I have lived in Rexburg for 15 years. I consider myself a political independent - true middle of the road moderate. I lean left on some things and right on others. In Rexburg however this makes me a flaming liberal. The town is >95% GOP and most are far-right GOP. The entire state of Idaho is largely the same.

Politics aside, Rexburg is a very nice place to live - well, if you don't mind a good dose of winter (and I don't mind). There are nice parks and the town is a safe, enjoyable place to call home. Crime rates are very low and in our experience the schools are quite good (even with the state's gross underfunding of public education).

Brigham Young University-Idaho is the largest employer in the county, and it's large (20K+) and growing student body make Rexburg a town of young people. There are many apartments, but the students are well behaved and are enjoyable to have around.

When it comes to diversity, Rexburg is extremely Read More

House in Rexburg - 1/6/2017
Rexburg is one of the best place to live in America. People are really nice, very good neighborhood. Very peaceful and quite. Low crime rates. One of the top university. Read More

Increase Acedemic and Spiritual Knowledge - 7/7/2010
With the campus of Brigham Young University-Idaho (formally knows as Ricks College) in Rexburg, it provides a great deal of educational opportunities. The campus grounds are manicured very creatively and maintained extremely well. The academic environment allows students to share ideas without the need to regurgitate institutional ideology. The spiritual environment allows for the individual the opportunity to obtain and strengthen their personal relationship with the Savior Jesus Christ. Come and visit the university and feel the spirit of the campus or the 'spirit of Ricks'.  Read More

Crime is not a concern. - 2/2/2010
Crime in Rexburg is virtually non-exsistent to the local resident. The only crimes I ever see in the papers are those of youthful exuberance and poor judgement, and bank robberies. Yeah, seemingly an above-normal amount lately, don't know why that is, but hardly a concern for the locals.
Perhaps it lies in the fact that in this LDS dominant college town...there are no bars within the city limits. And you can purchase beer and wine at the supermarket. And NO Starbucks [perhaps less jittery criminals are more docile..??]
Doors are left open like the old days...people don't lock their vehicles, and you can start your car, go back inside for twenty minutes [to heat it up] and come out, and it's still there. I tried that once in California, and, poof, car gone!
A safe, confident town that watches out for each other. Criminality is NOT welcome Read More

Rexburg, ID - 11/5/2009
Lots of Read More

It's great if you are a Mormon - 2/11/2006
Population is 97% Mormon with a church university and a church temple. They run the government and every thing Read More

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83440 83460

100 E Moran View Rd
Bed 4 | Bath 2

1054 N 4000 W
Bed 5 | Bath 2

62 Aries Dr
Bed 4 | Bath 3

4711 N 495 W
Bed 4 | Bath 3

2240 S Highway 191
Bed 9 | Bath 7

4019 Molly Dr
Bed 5 | Bath 3

335 Yale Ave
Bed 4 | Bath 4


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