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Love Rexburg and East Idaho
Star Rating - 12/19/2017
Moved here 3 years ago and never looked back. Great place for families and community. Highly recommend.
Bob | Rexburg, ID
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- 2/21/2018
Great Place to Live
Move here years ago from California. Wonderful place to raise a family and the sports oppo...
Rick Robinson | Rexburg, ID | No Replies

- 1/29/2018
I love Rexburg. It is a wonderful place to live!
We moved our family here from California for a better life and it worked. Now I help peopl...
Carolyn Canning | Rexburg, ID | No Replies

- 11/11/2017
The Hill, with a capital H.
I love this town. I have lived here now for 15 years, and it has truly been an incredible ...
egordon | Rexburg, ID | No Replies

- 2/16/2017
Get ready to lean right
I have lived in Rexburg for 15 years. I consider myself a political independent - true mi...
Alan | Rexburg, ID | No Replies

- 1/6/2017
House in Rexburg
Rexburg is one of the best place to live in America. People are really nice, very good nei...
Valorie | Rexburg, ID | No Replies

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