Murphysboro, Illinois 

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Reviews for Murphysboro  based on 4 Reviews

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A great Community Spirit - 1/3/2020
I have worked here for two years as a school teacher. However, I do live in another community.

I have come to appreciate and admire the strong community spirit and compassion the residents have for this town.

You will find this commitment expressed in events such as the Fall Applefest, Christmas Toy and Food Drives, and Spring Easter activities.

Mayor Stephans is a great person that shows care and understanding for this Read More

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eh, i like it enough to live here so why not you - 9/6/2018
I've lived in this town for my whole life and there are some ups and downs for this town, like where some people lives are really hostile and stuff but other places in this town are really nice, plus all the stores like hucks, Casey's, and other places for snacks and such are all on one street, which is called Read More

We Love It Here - 1/16/2007
We moved to Murphysboro two years ago from Houston and love it here. The area is beautiful and full of recreational amenities. Cost of living is cheap, people are friendly and there are four seasons (but summers and winters are relatively mild.) Add the proximity to Carbondale and Southern Illinois University with all of its cultural amenities, we thought it was the best of both world's (urban and Read More

If you value your heath, as well as your sanity, stay away from this town. Leaf and garbage burning take place around the clock. The city constantly smells of burnt leaves and garbage - the latter being illegal. However, both go unchecked. The tree outside of my house is dying and is covered in a black soot, but no one cares.

I live right next to a school, in a nice area. However, people come to the school parking lot to deal drugs. I called the Police and they just told them to go home. The cop did not even get out of the car! I guess the punishment for dealing drugs in Murphysboro is slightly less than in other locations. Must be a city oridinance thing.

And finally, they really enjoy spraying for Mosquitoes with fogged Diesel Fuel. Nothing like being outside, only to get smoke bombed with a known carcinogen. Why not just set off a nuclear bomb? That would kill them too, you morons!

If you feel like stepping into a 3rd world Read More

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