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Best kept secret in Indiana. - 12/18/2006
I have lived in Lafayette most of my life and continue to be surprised at the quality of life here and in West Lafayette. The area boasts a top university in Purdue where many of the world's engineers and scientists begin thier professional lives. Purdue offers sporting events, cultural events in addition to the city of Lafayette's cultural venues. The area has alot of historical value in American history in addition to outdoor recreation along the Wabash River and Tippecanoe River. The area has weathered most economic storms with upmost resilliancy. If you are looking for a low key and economical place to live consider Lafayette, Tippecanoe County, Indiana and I believe that you will be Read More

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Home Sweet Home! - 10/20/2006
I wonder if anyone remembers the old round pool @ Columbian Park. Meet you at Arni's or even Pizza King with the locomotive train that brings you your drinks. The Legendary Frozen Custard by Columbian Park. And last but not least McCord Candies downtown, makes the best egg salad sandwhiches. There are others to whom they have there favorite things about Lafayette. Lafayette is a very nice place to raise a family. There are alot of differnt sports for your children to be envolved in. The town does have alot of team spirit whatever school your kids go too. I know the traffic isn't the greatest anymore, you gota know them backroads to get to places quicker;-) The worst thing is the roads State RD 26 & 52 are horrific. If they would keep the roads paved it would be almost perfect there. Oh by the way, the best part of Lafayette to live in is the south part. My best wishes to Read More

I love it here!!!!!!!!! - 8/16/2006
I just moved here from Atlanta, Ga and my kids and my wife love it here its juss a peaceful community. My kids go to Wea and luv the school The only thing i hate around here would have to be the traffic its got pretty congested in the past year, but otherwise it is cheap living here and it is easy to make friendz this city seems to me like its a second Read More

Nice "Front Porch" Community - 6/25/2006
I relocated to Lafayette, from Portland, Oregon, because the cost of living for a single person is much more affordable in Indiana as opposed to Oregon.

I love the sense of community this town has to offer. The old homes with the beautiful front porches are as welcoming to a new person in town, as the people who live here.

There is the university here (Purdue University) which has influenced this town in many ways. I have come across many different cuisines for dinner choices - which amazed me for a town of this size.

If you are looking for a calmer pace - this city is an excellent Read More

Great Weather!!!!!!! - 6/6/2006
The Climate in Lafay is basically mild. We go from cold, snowy winters to stormy warmm springs to hot and humid summers and then to mild and dry Read More

weather - 5/17/2006
The climate in Lafayette is generally mild. It is pretty windy around here Read More

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60 Paradise Ct
Bed 3 | Bath 2

15 North Rickover Cir
Bed 3 | Bath 2

3811 W 200 S
Bed 3 | Bath 2

31 Hunters Rdg
Bed 4 | Bath 4

907 Rochester St
Bed 6 | Bath 4

3510 E 200 N
Bed 3 | Bath 4

600 Shady Creek Dr
Bed 4 | Bath 3


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