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Middlebury, IN is a small town located in northern Indiana near the Michigan border. It is known for its rural charm and proximity to several major cities like South Bend, Elkhart, and Fort Wayne. The town's population is around 3,000 people and there are plenty of activities available for locals and visitors alike. From the historic downtown with its charming shops and restaurants to a number of outdoor activities like hiking trails and lakeside parks, Middlebury has something for everyone to enjoy.
The reviews of Middlebury are overwhelmingly positive. Visitors often comment on how friendly the locals are and how easy it is to find something fun to do in the area. Many people visit for the weekend or day trips just to take advantage of all that Middlebury has to offer. Shopping, dining, and outdoor activities make for an enjoyable experience whether you're looking for a relaxing day out or an adventure. Others come for scenic drives with views of historical landmarks such as Bontrager's Mill or the Bridge of Lions Monument. Overall, Middlebury is a great spot regardless of your interests!

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