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Muncie - 2/17/2013
Muncie offers a nice home town feel with four season Read More

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Muncie - 1/8/2013
Stay away from Muncie, Indiana. The houses might be cheap, (there's a reason) but the roads are terrible, the cost of living is not any different than anywhere else. The city, county & state governments & police are as crooked as they want to be. There are no jobs unless you like to work at a fast food place. Most of the people there are deedeedee, they don't plow the roads enough and if you want a decent haircut, there really is nowhere decent or anyone who knows what they are doing. All of the fast food & restaurants will make you sick, the city/county health dept. refuse to give food establishments an A, B, C or D rating, instead they opted to spend $35,000. dollars to set up a website & $5,000. a month to 'maintain' it. Nothing but government waste, and they are notorious for trying to tax you out of your own home.
Also the police in Indiana seem to think they can CENSOR what you say, even online & will show up at your home for stating facts. The new 'governor' is an idiot Read More

climate is too harsh - 1/6/2013
seeking a place where the climate is more comfortable!Read More

poor job market - 3/28/2009
The factories have all closed down, I grew up here, and it's hard to watch a town that seems to be dying. If not for the university (Ball State) there wouldn't be much Read More

Don't believe everything you read or hear - 5/21/2008
As a Muncie resident that has prior military service and traveled vastly within this country it is not a bad place to live. I have lived in East Coast towns all over the coast. We are not a backward society here nor are we a bunch of racists as people have been led to believe by the papers and news Read More

Annual Physicals - 8/15/2006
Ball Memorial Hospital offers executive physicals with same day test results. They give you priority for tests and provide a complete report of your results in about four hours. This is an excellent health Read More

A mixed review - 7/22/2006
Pluses: Inexpensive homes. How many other places in the U.S. has homes at less than 50% the national average for a median priced home? Transportation is pretty good for a city of 70,000. The bus system was recently recognized as best in the country for a small city. I took advantage of it after the price of gas went up. Ball State University students ride for free so I don't use my car much anymore. -/+ The quality of life has improved in the downtown with a some cultural attractions such as a theater and center for the arts. Of course the the university has its share of attractions as well. There are few bums roaming about but they don't seem too threatening. The current scam is to ask for gas money. The politics are mixed with liberal and naive professors, usually politically apathetic students and some country types who came from Kentucky or West Virginia and haven't changed much. It is interesting to see Amish craftsmen building homes for low income residents. Minus: Read More

It's not bad but it's not good - 7/16/2006
The impact of Ball State University, Ball Memorial Hospital, retail shopping, and eating places is very positive for Muncie and Delaware County. Ball Memorial is a strong regional hospital and the retail and food establishments are also very strong regionally. Beyond that things tend to get very sparse and with very little positive change. The new Magna plant and the Sallie Mae facility are good news but I think it's not enough. We have a lot of things going for us - major college, phenomenal cost of living numbers, space, decent access to the interstate(s) so hope things will find a way to get better. The decline in population and in jobs has to Read More

Love Muncie... Wish I could move there! - 5/25/2006
Muncie is a really nice city. Really laid back. I wish I could afford to move away from Indy, but the technology job market isn't great there. But the cost of living is superb in Muncie, so I'll keep looking!

Muncie is located close to a large Reservoir (Prarie Creek). So if you like the outdoors, don't miss it. It's really nice.

Shopping and restaraunts are ample for 90% of the time... you can always make the 45 minute trek to Indy if you want more.

As for the other knucklehead reviewer... isolationism, racism... Okay, I'm sure that all cities has their bad seeds, but everyone that I've met in Muncie have been really great, nice, hard-working people. People who say otherwise buying into the fact illusion of isolation between the city and the university.

If you are a BSU student, you should thoroughlyl explore the city. You will regret not having done Read More
Joe | ,  | Reply | 1 Reply

horrible - 4/25/2006
Muncie is host to Ball State University. Unlike most cities that host State Colleges that are nationally known, Muncie has no pride in its all. The two are seperate deities. Muncie has a pretty awesome library, a league of racist or illiterate citizens, and a public pool. Avoid at all Read More

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47304 47306 47305

2810 S Liberty St
Bed 2 | Bath 1

3207 S Pershing Dr
Bed 3 | Bath 1

1709 N Rosewood Ave
Bed 4 | Bath 2

2817 S Liberty St
Bed 3 | Bath 2

4608 N New York Ave
Bed 3 | Bath 1

601 W Riverside Ave
Bed 4 | Bath 3

2106 S Hackley St
Bed 2 | Bath 1


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