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Star Rating - 1/8/2013
Stay away from Muncie, Indiana. The houses might be cheap, (there's a reason) but the roads are terrible, the cost of living is not any different than anywhere else. The city, county & state governments & police are as crooked as they want to be. There are no jobs unless you like to work at a fast food place. Most of the people there are deedeedee, they don't plow the roads enough and if you want a decent haircut, there really is nowhere decent or anyone who knows what they are doing. All of the fast food & restaurants will make you sick, the city/county health dept. refuse to give food establishments an A, B, C or D rating, instead they opted to spend $35,000. dollars to set up a website & $5,000. a month to 'maintain' it. Nothing but government waste, and they are notorious for trying to tax you out of your own home.
Also the police in Indiana seem to think they can CENSOR what you say, even online & will show up at your home for stating facts. The new 'governor' is an idiot also, much like the last one.
laura | Long Beach, CA
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- 2/17/2013
Muncie offers a nice home town feel with four season weather....
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seeking a place where the climate is more comfortable! ...
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Don't believe everything you read or hear
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Annual Physicals
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