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Marshalltown, Iowa Reviews

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This is a great place to live (with a few caveats) - 9/13/2018
I have lived around and worked in Marshalltown for nearly 15 years now, and I have lived in and around the area and the state for half my life.

Marshalltown is incredibly diverse, as the other reviews have said (negatively mostly, but I digress). The community college here brings in people from all over the world, and the low pay/hard work labor brings in the legal and "illegal" immigrants from south of the US Border and other areas too. The "white" folk in the area resent this despite the truth of the matter that without the immigrants in this town, it would literally withered away long ago along with the rest of the rural areas around it.

The cost of living here is quite low and reasonable. Real estate prices are affordable and there are options for low income. There is a support system for the homeless and food-insecure here that you don't see in most of the other rural areas outside of the larger cities. The shopping options and diverse food choices make Read More

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Lowly Iowan City - 7/4/2018
I Am Going To Be Straight And Honest With You If You Choose To Live In Marshalltown Iowa You Will Pay Some Of The Most Highest Taxes, And Property Taxes In Iowa.

That Aside Marshalltown Iowa Is One Of The Most Active, And Laid Back Places In Iowa With High Police, And Political Enforcement. Hope This Review Helped. Enjoy. Read More

on the decline - 9/18/2009

Another contributor's recent comment on the quality of life in Marshalltown was accurate up to a point, in my opinion as a long-time city resident, but did not offer a balanced perspective.

Marshalltown people in general do not necessarily treat all Hispanics badly.

I suspect that what's happening here in terms of many residents' cool reception of new immigrant arrivals is based on experiences many members of the established Hispanic comminity. So many are unwilling or unable to learn English. Criminal activity increases daily in the form of defacement of public and residential buildings and structures through gang-related graffiti. Aggravated assault, alcohol-related disturbances, domestic violence, rape, theft, and gang activity are on the rise, some of which may be attributed to activity within the steadily increasing population of the Hispanic community. Local law enforcement is weak at best in this area, possibly because officials see no way to Read More

A Town with 3 Separate Populations - 8/19/2006
Once about 99.9% white Anglo-Saxon Protestant, Marshalltown is now a community divided in three parts. There is the majority--the white, working class people who overeat at all the fast food restaurants and weigh about 300 lbs. Then there is a handful of "professionals," unfortunately including some people who think they own the town and are extremely arrogant. Then there is the 15% of new Hispanic immigrants from Mexico, who have totally shaken up the town and changed it forever. These new residents, by the way, are the town's future. Without them, the place would dry up and shrivel away. Lots of old people here and the town needs new blood. Unfortunately, the non-Hispanics here are mean as junkyard dogs and treat Hispanics with a total lack of respect or Read More

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