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Ellsworth Township, KS is a small rural town located in central Kansas. It is known for its peaceful atmosphere and friendly people. The local landscape includes rolling hills and vast pastureland, providing plenty of outdoor activities to enjoy. There are several parks to explore, fishing ponds, and trails for walking and biking. Visitors can also explore the Old West Museum in the historical downtown area or take a stroll along the riverbank. Ellsworth Township offers a variety of shops, restaurants and entertainment venues that make it an ideal place to visit for those seeking an escape from city life.
The reviews of Ellsworth Township are overwhelmingly positive. Visitors rave about the quaint charm of this rural town with its abundance of natural beauty. The hospitality here is second to none and the local businesses provide excellent service as well as unique products that you won't find elsewhere. Many return visitors say they feel right at home in Ellsworth Township and recommend it as a perfect weekend getaway spot or even an extended stay if you're looking for some peace and relaxation away from home.

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