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Having lived here all my life and finally retired, - 8/30/2010
I am ready to move elsewhere now that I have the freedom to do so. I have to laugh when people cry 'global warming' during the summers here. It's always been hot here, sometimes even during the winter. When I got my first bicycle Christmas of 1955 everyone was in shorts and T-shirts. That was the norm back then and about the same now. I remember only two very hard freeze winters in my lifetime where it got so cold parts of the LSU lakes iced over. The second time it happened it caused an explosion at the Exxon Refinery by the river. That was around 1990.

During my college days at LSU, students who came from all over the country couldn't believe how hot it was during the fall and winter months. Those who came from northern states seem to like it at first but got tired of it soon enough when it was too hot to show off their new sweaters, coats, and jackets they got from the mall. To be fair, there are times when we have nice fall weather and people bundle up to go to Tiger Read More

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Cuisine - 7/13/2010
One of the great things about South Louisiana is the food. We have a rich history of Cajun/Creole cuisine that is a mixture of cultural influences from France, Italy, the Caribbean, and more. Eating is an event here and the food is unique to the Read More

Economy - 3/5/2010
Very diverse economy with a major university, petrochemical industry, health care, only lacking in good Read More

Bad and Good - 8/14/2009
I lived in LA. for 48 years, 20 of those years in Baton Rouge. There are good and bad things about Baton Rouge. It is very hot for 3 months of the year(April,Oct.&Nov.). It is broiling hot and unbearably humid for 5 months of the year(May thru Sept.) and it is cool for 4 mos(Dec thru Mar). Baton Rouge is a very pretty city, full of greenery and flowers for much of the year. There are many great restaurants-the food absolutely cannot be beat! There's lots to do(for adults and kids)year round if you can stand the heat and humidty. The water park is a very popular place in summer. It only snows about once every 10 years so kids won't have snow to play in, but winters are cool enough(but not cold) for lots of outdoor Read More

You People Are Wild... - 7/17/2009
Baton Rouge is actually a cool place to live. When you enter the city, you can almost feel the positive energy that comes from a college town atmosphere.

I lived there for 5 years. Some of my best friends from Baton Rouge became my friends through random conversation at a local eatery or standing in line somewhere.

Baton Rouge is a friendly town with lots to do. Their attractions boast a swamp tour, a water park, the USS Kidd, a doll museum that is super cool, thriving art galleries, and yes...LSU. Who can resist Mike the Tiger? He's gorgeous. But there's also Southern.

You can visit movie theaters, the zoo, a casino, a mall, go skating, play putt putt golf, go bowling, or get a job.

The nightlife is so fun. There are ample spots to listen to great live music. There are clubs and bars to fit every style. Baton Rouge has great margaritas, so I'm sold right away. :-)

One of my personal favorite things to do in Baton Read More

The New Southern Cosmo - 6/10/2009
Baton Rouge is finally blossoming into a cosmopolitian city. Downtown which was abandoned back in the day is alive and well. It used to strive on LSU, now it's holding it's own and surpassing New Orleans. The weather is very hot and humid in summer through mid fall but the winter and spring are nice and mild. Plenty of places to eat,shop and rest. The crime rate is going down and that is a good thing. While other parts of the coutnry have experienced a depression Baton Rouge is doing well on the economic Read More

A shame - 12/13/2008
Baton Rouge was once a beautiful and friendly place. With a population of around 40,000 people and a present, but subdued crime rate.

Now Baton Rouge has a population of nearly 230,000, mostly New Orleans folk that fled here, and the city is now filthy, crime infested, crowded and rude. My Baton Rouge has been stolen from me.

I am not knowledgeable about the schooling, however, the economy seems to be going strong right now. There are many new businesses opening, and old jobs are still available. Unfortunately the cost of living has gone up drastically.

The good is, even during this time of economic downturn in America, Baton Rouge is doing fine.

The bad is, Baton Rouge is now just as bad as New Orleans with it's crime and low morals, due to the population Read More

Cost of living - 11/23/2008
The cost of living in Baton Rouge does not significantly vary from that in larger cities in different regions of the country, but the fees charged for professional services varies Read More

Great City - 10/9/2008
Baton Rouge is like a complicated novel. You have to get into it to understand it, be engaged by it and savor the multi-dimensional culture. It ranges from fascinating older people who have generations of farming and country manners in their makeup to geek mathematicians who think the universe can be explained by a mathematical formula to easy going, gregarious French heritage folks with a love for food and people. I moved here six years ago after living in St. Louis, Dallas and New Orleans. I didn't really think I would like it too well and it took some time to love it the way I do now. Baton Rouge has some of the most exemplary mid century modern architecture to be found in neighborhoods like Broadmoor and Westminster. Not to mention, prices for these home that are affordable for your average joe. The architecture of today is influenced by a native Baton Rouge architect, Hays Town. It has beautful expanses of glass for nature views, aged brick, high ceilings and a host of Read More

We're getting there .... - 7/20/2008
Baton Rouge is slowly realizing how important downtown development is. There are ambitious plans to create a useful area for businesses and families (not just state offices) near downtown that will be wonderful, if the dreams are Read More

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