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If You Ain't Dutch . . . - 9/12/2013
Like anywhere there is the good and dark side to living there. Having lived in the area before, going away for a while, and moving back in 2011 I have seen both.
The dark side is attitude. When I say attitude that means over the top hypocritical and narrow. As the old saying goes "If you ain't Dutch - you ain't much" isn't just a bumper sticker here it is a way of life! It can especially show when doing business or driving. The road rage here includes an obnoxious amount of tailgating combined with lights being high beamed flashing because they have judged you as too slow. It is very unnecessary and rude. As for diversity of cultures is not recognized - it is barely tolerated. Each group keeps to themselves as it stands currently.
The good side is that it is fairly safe still. Smaller towns nearby rarely lock doors even it is so secure and peaceful. There are also plenty of festivals, farmers markets(& roadside stands), and family things around west Michigan to Read More

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Holland-Zeeland: A Second Look. A Nice Place To L - 7/20/2011
I wanted to write this helpful addenum to my earlier comment about the city I work in, and the comminity I live in, nearby. Earlier on,I was being a little too negative. Things have changed for the better for myself, and my family. So, I wish to set some things, clear. As far as gangs, this issue is now getting cleared up, streets are getting safer, and there are many local renovations going on in housing, etc. The only negative that I still see so far, some people still keep more to themselves, probably due to being scared of the future, and the economic downturn that a hard working, historical city like Holland has faced, in the past 8-10 years. If you already well educated, starting your career, or established in a career, or entreprenuship, you should do very well. Holland is a very religious and civic minded city, too. There is a lot of diversity, here, as well, and no one really is condemning anyone else. The schools, and nearby colleges and universities are great, and this is Read More

Holland - 2/27/2011
Good for Read More

More for the the younger marrieds, with kids, or p - 9/28/2010
My husband and I are childless,and have lived in this area for almost close to 17 years, and we have found that it is geared more toward younger couples , just married, with a stronger financial background, and who already have kids, or are planning on starting a family. There is not much to do here for people who are approaching retirement age, and if you like going to work, and just going home, after wards,that's all it offers. Very self-absorbed, yuppie, "me first" attitudes. We are definitely considering moving from here and not returning.Crime rate is very bad here, and getting worse. Gangs everywhere. Used to be a very nice place back in the early 90's.Unemployment is way higher than the national average, and the drivers need a lesson in road manners. We have not been able to secure any higher paying jobs, because we don't have an IN, and if are not 100 percent Dutch, which is very predominate, here. My advice? Live Read More

Family - 6/29/2009
Holland has been the town I can say I grew up in. Growing up was quiet but over time the town has changed dramatically. We have a diverse community with different racial backgrounds which I've never had a problem with. Its a great place to raise a family but the only thing that hurts this town is its high unemployment rate. The area has been hit hard with the downturn of the big three but hopefully it'll change for the better. If you like the four seasons then this is the place for you and your Read More

Different Opinions - 10/26/2008
I am not ashamed to have grown up in Holland.
It was a magical place, where we used to all feel safe.
The beach was my living room...Lake Michigan my favorite bath tub.
It was absolutely awesome for what it was~
Were we accepting? Sure...of our friends.
Not unlike anytown USA?

I'm glad to hear you found a more suitable place, for your family.
Everyone deserves the chance to fit in, where they belong
We all have different opinions : )

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Seriously, are you guys kidding? - 11/28/2007
Holland is an embarrassing place to admit that you grew up in.
If you think diversity is white people and the hispanic people that the white people pay minimum wage to, then this place is full of diversity!
Coming from a mixed race family, (neither white nor hispanic by the way) I can remember the looks the 5 of us got while walking downtown before we moved to Holland from the Detroit suburbs. And they weren't nice... they ranged from curious stares (yes, people of different races can have children together) to disgust.
In general, people from West Michigan love West Michigan and are proud of it and never want to leave. I am glad I'm not from Holland and I am glad that I left.
Summers are beautiful here though... but just as beautiful anywhere else along the Great Read More

Beautfiul coastal town - 6/20/2007
Home town feel next to beautiful lake Read More

Great place to raise a family - 6/18/2007
Holland, Michigan is physically beautiful as it rests on the shores of Lakes Macatawa and Michigan. The population is diverse with a large and growing hispanic community nestled alongside a strong and ethno-centric Dutch heritage. The economy is struggling to become post-industrial in a state that has depended on industry for decades for its economic vitality. If there is one drawback to this city, this drawback would be the lack of opportunity for economic growth. As I write this, the economy is working to diversify from strictly manufacturing to high tech, micro tech, medical and biotech industries. This is not an easy road to travel as ths situation involves changing a culture along with revamping the economic underpinnings of the area.

Summers here simply cannot be beat. There is nothing in the world quite like a boat, a guitar and a Lake Michigan sunset during the warm months. (The sunsets can also be enjoyed from the first class Holland State Park or several Read More

Wonderful area - depressing economy! - 10/2/2006
With a mostly manufacturing-based economy largely based on Detroit, Holland has been suffering quite a bit over the past many Read More

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