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Star Rating - 6/29/2009
Holland has been the town I can say I grew up in. Growing up was quiet but over time the town has changed dramatically. We have a diverse community with different racial backgrounds which I've never had a problem with. Its a great place to raise a family but the only thing that hurts this town is its high unemployment rate. The area has been hit hard with the downturn of the big three but hopefully it'll change for the better. If you like the four seasons then this is the place for you and your family.
Felix | Holland, MI
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I have lived in Holland my whole life i am 47 now. There are plus things and also negatives also. Schooling is above average with the many great teachers. There are many jobs but getting into a higher paying job requires a in or a higher education than just a general degree. This town has grown greatly especially on the north side of town. Traffic can become issues especially during the busy times. parking is not good at all down town because a lot of money was spent on the businesses down town and the side walks so many people come down town to shop and hardly no extra time was put into the need of extra parking. You either have a lot of money or not and if you are doing well off you can find a decent home but the people who are not so well off are having a very hard time finding affordable living at lower cost, my guess is because Hollands population is growing so quickly. The parks in holland are beautiful and there is a good amount of them. You can find many different things to do with your family in holland such as parades etc. The public safety is above average but i have noticed in the last 5 years that crimes especially some violent ones are on the rise in certain areas. There can people who are very friendly but there is also a sign on a richly better than you attitude also at times. many different type of people in Holland. Over all i still say holland is a good place to live but it growing at a very quick rate which can also take away from its small type charm it used to have, which has made growing pains in the areas i have stated earlier. Starting a family is good in Holland because of the education but i would not probably retire here after the kids are gone from Home.
Jamey | Holland, MI | Report Abuse
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