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How amazing Joanne Fabrics is - 12/9/2010
I love Joanne Fabrics. Everything about it just makes me so happy. I go here for all my yarn & crafts and they have wonderful discounts:). There is nothing that I would rather be doing than shopping at this store It's huge and smells like the inside of a cinnamon bun. YUM! I'm getting hungry. Ta ta for now. TAKE Read More

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Lansing - 5/29/2010
Lansing is a city that has fallen on hard times. With the failing auto industry a lot of the people who could afford to leave did. So now you have a lot of neighborhoods that look run down and not taken care of. Read More

Places to go and things to do - 5/7/2010
The greater Lansing area has a wonderful variety of activities for all ages and interests. From swimming classes for babies to senior citizens. Book clubs, craft classes, service groups, garden clubs and bus tours, no one person could possibly attend all the events they would like to.

Michigan State University has fabulous live theatre, music and sports activities year around. Top rated Broadway plays such as "Phantom of the Opera", "South Pacific", "Grease", "Lion King" and "Rent" are booked at the fabulous Wharton Center. National musical groups, such as Celtic dancers, and big bands appear at this location annually.

The city has athletic facilities for family, team and individual use. Just a couple of blocks from the State Capitol is a professional baseball stadium where the Lansing Lugnuts play. From there you can walk to one of several downtown restaurants, bars and taverns.

The Michigan Library is located in an area of State Read More

Lansing, Michigan Politics - 11/21/2009
What a crazy place! Everyone in Lansing politics is inbred and feed upon the dysfunctional nature of Michigan's political leadership and the automobile industry. I've tried to be involved because I am civic minded, but if you are a newcomer, the local's design is to eat you alive if you don't become exactly like them - corrupt - and no one in a good mind wil want to do that! No a good place for civic minded people to Read More

Not the best place - 10/16/2009
I lived in Lansing for about four years and although it's not Podunk, there's nothing to do except follow Michigan State University sports and hear all the bad news about GM. This is the least progressive city I've ever been to. It's not pretty during any month of the year. The people are pretty friendly, but it seems there's more empty store fronts by the day and there are no cultural activities to speak of. There's a few decent restaurants, but they get old quick. It's almost a sad city because all the people seem to live for is following mediocre sports teams like the Lions and Read More

Makes you feel depressed and dirty. - 6/15/2008
What's something good I can say about this place? Nothing. There's A LOT of theft and and buildings are old and need updating. No one really seems to care about their appearance of themselves or their homes. You're in hope if you're an alcoholic. There's a lot of bars around. The only place that's halfway decent is the city with Michigan State University, East Lansing...and that's probably just so they get a good reputation from tourists and foreigners. Did I mention the amount of prostitutes and homeless people? Wow. The crime is not anything too dangerous, like Flint or Detroit, but again, the theft. I don't believe you could even leave a trash can outside unattended. Lansing needs to plant more flowers and pick up its Read More

cheap - 3/19/2008
not that nice but not that bad. Real cheap to live and have lots of Read More

very gray... - 6/20/2007
Lansing is a very cloudy city. Michigan generally has great falls, and spring is quite nice, but winter is looooong. We also get a lot of gray weather, which can be very dreary after a Read More

Quality Of Life Stinks - 2/20/2007
Quality of life here stinks. I have lived here my entire life and am looking at relocating south of Michigan. This place is boring. Nothing to do. No Read More

Ugly City - 1/8/2007
One of the most depressing cities I have been through. Dependent on MSU and its enrollment; otherwise there would be no market. Like any other city in the state (except ann arbor), very flat, boring, and full of run down homes and business as people leave the state in droves. Doesn't compare to many other capital cities around the nation. Chain dining is "fine" dining, and a small macy's store makes for fine shopping. Very little acceptance for arts and alt. businesses, much like the agenda of the state. Most likely if your not associated with the state government or the university you wont live here, or want to go through it. Depressing, just like the state. If your not overweight, have scruffy face growth and drink commercial beer this place is not for Read More

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