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Lansing is Catching
Star Rating - 4/7/2011
I am really surprised about all the negative comments about Lansing. I have lived in the Lansing area for 16 years and in the city limits for four. A few years ago downtown was dead after 5pm, but it is really starting to turn around. There are a lot of bars, but quite a few new restaurants as well. The river trail is one of those hidden beauties and connects from north of Old Town to Hawk Island. With the remodel of the old Ottawa Power Station and the new City Market and other construction Lansing is finally starting to take it's riverfront seriously. The city has had a lot to work through with all the GM problems, but I for one really see a lot happening. A city is really what you make it, and if you live here and complain and don't get involved then that's the mentality others will see.
Hillary | Lansing, MI
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- 12/16/2020
Greater Lansing is improving
I first moved to Lansing in the early 2000s for grad school @ MSU, went away and returned ...
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- 9/25/2018
Lansing Is really nice but a little caution
This is a really nice place to live and people here are friendly there is a lot to do and ...
Wesley | Holt, MI | No Replies

- 6/21/2017
Not a great town, but not awful either
I moved here to go to MSU. If it weren't for my family and the school, I would definitely ...
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- 5/27/2017
Michigan Not for Me
My wife and I have lived in Michigan, including Lansing, for about 7 years. Though it has ...
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- 10/29/2015
Moved here June 2015
We love it here. My husband loves his job. My son loves his school. It has been affordable...
Kari | Lansing, MI | No Replies

- 7/20/2015
People, town
Great friendly people, nice city with lots of parks and beautiful homes.. Great place!!!!...
peter | Grand Rapids, MI | No Replies

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