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Small angry town with no jobs. - 11/4/2019
I've lived in Monroe my entire life. Since the Ford plant closed it's been on the skids. It's full of poor white trash looking to fight. Every business that's not a chain is garbage, and the chain stores are garbage to begin with. The taxes are high, and the Police are oppressive. You have to leave the county to find work that pays more than minimum wage. The schools are a joke. Downriver is now a more viable place to live, and that's Read More

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Monroe, Monroe Mich. - 7/24/2017
We moved from Toledo ( TOLEDO, IS A TERRIBLE PLACE TO LIVE!)
Some people (that don't even live here)said it was high crime. I have not had this experience. What i have experienced is the Law doing their job and keeping my neighborhood safe and a lovely place to live. I wouldn't want to live anywhere else. I live in old Historic, everyone I encounter are nice! Everyone keeps their homes up and it's the kind of place you enjoy taking your coffee out in the morning, take a run or walk your dog. I feel SAFE!!
My kids transitioned into school well. They've had no problems and the kids just seem good here being raised by parents who CARE and THAT'S what makes a difference in the community you live Read More

Newport area - 2/6/2015
I purchased my home three and a half years ago. Since then my home and property have been vandalized five times. My home was broken into twice and property has been taken from my fenced-in back yard several times. When I first moved in, I introduced myself to several of the neighbors, none of whom have said a word to me since. Not a friendly neighborhood especially to new people moving in. I have noticed that my surrounding neighbors seem cordial to each other. I had Installed a pool for my grandkids that had to be taken down because broken glass was found in it several times. There is constant racing of motor bikes and ATVs in the courtyard in summer and snowmobiles in winter so having a peaceful backyard is impossible. Music starts playing daily around 8 a.m. I don't complain to the authorities because I am afraid of what these people will do. Recently, I went to neighbor's house to express my condolences about their recent loss. She looked at me as if I was Read More

PLEASE READ THIS (REAL) review of Monroe - 9/22/2011
If your looking for big city go to the big city. Monroe isn't that. However, Monroe does have fine schooling k-12 and their community college is everything you would expect from a community college, and you would be well prepared for a 4 yr University. There is pleanty nice places to dine, movie theaters (sorry, no I-Max), festivals, fairs, and a musical theater for performing arts. Shopping is horrible here. Real shopping is mostly done in Toledo (25 min drive) Monroe is historical, and that is really undervalued by young adults. There is a Civil War center right on Elm Street past Dixie. For the football fan, Monroe High School has a wonderful program. In 2007 Coach Hudkins was Michigan Coach of the year. Great chances for young adults to be noticed by NCAA schools. Among some of our previous NCAA and pro athletes are Eric Wilson (class of 95 - UofM 97 National Champion and member of the Detrioit Lions /Miami Dolphins) and Carl Ford (class of 99 - University of Toledo Read More

Boring place with lots of trashy people - 12/27/2006
Certain people may find this to be a nice place to live; couples with very young children or empty nester retires who care about nothing but enjoying thier morning coffee with the newspaper(no matter if it's a quality paper or not). The rest of us, particularly young professionals or college students, will have no reason to stop here. Only in the last couple of years has Monroe gotten a restaurant of better quality than Denny's and a better place to shop than Walmart. There really is slim pickings when it comes to jobs, unless you can work for LaZBoy or manage a pizza place. On weekends or any time when the kids are off school, the city is overrun with teenagers, lingering around getting in fights and being generally obnoxious. So much so, that recently when I was at one of the Sports bar/ grills I noticed that they had enforced a rule that pop and water was $2 with no refills to try and keep them from clogging up the tables all night. If you go to the mall, there will litterally Read More

Growing Small Town - 10/19/2005
Monroe, Michingan is a historical, friendly small town. Home building industry is booming. Monroe is number 1 in Southeastern Michingan for the number of parks. The State Park has been completly overhauled and is an attraction year round. There is fishing, hunting, boating and other water sports. There is a Jazz Festival every year drawing people from many states. It is just a great place to raise Read More

A Quiet Little Town - 8/11/2005
I have read the previous post, and must beg to differ. I have lived in Monroe for most of my life, and find that it isn't such a terrible place to be. No, there isn't a Starbucks, but there are several nice cafe's downtown. No, there isn't a four-year college, but there are many within a reasonable distance to choose from. As with any school, there are classes and teachers at the local two-year college that could be improved, but I attended there for the first two years of my college education, and found that it prepared me well for another university. There are concerts in the park downtown twice a week during the summer ( everything from rock to jazz to Elvis impersonators), many free or low cost events throughout the year, and several large cities ( Detroit, Ann Arbor, Toledo) within an hour's drive. Yes , Monroe is a small place, and sometimes old-fashioned ( no dance clubs or piercing parlors within city limits, etc), so it may not be the best place for teens or young Read More

Monroe MI : a Backward Bedroom Community - 7/19/2005
Having been a life-long resident of this city, i can only say that there is NOTHNG here ! We do not have a 4 yr. university, nor a Starbucks, nor even a decent
Book Store!

Everyone in Monroe MUST travel out-of-county to have any choice for MOST purchases.

Monroe, MI has definitely become a 'bedroom community' and a High-Priced one,
at that - -our housing costs and property taxes are out-of-sight! There are no jobs here for our young people, so the majority of workers travel out of county to jobs in Detroit , MI or Toledo, Ohio.

We are being held in the grip of the 'good ole' boy network' that has Always RAN
this County, and even though we are now ruled by the children & grandchildren of the initial 'good ole' boys', the policiies and politics have NOT changed a bit.

The local 2 year community college is a 'JOKE', but as long as the people running
it are making money by doing so, we will NEVER be Read More

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2050 Bronson St
Bed 3 | Bath 2

328 Harrison St
Bed 4 | Bath 2

461 Sackett Ave
Bed 4 | Bath 2

639 Mulhollen Dr
Bed 3 | Bath 1

701 W 6th St
Bed 2 | Bath 1

5032 Kay Dr
Bed 3 | Bath 2

1564 Hollywood Dr
Bed 5 | Bath 7


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