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Star Rating - 9/22/2011
If your looking for big city go to the big city. Monroe isn't that. However, Monroe does have fine schooling k-12 and their community college is everything you would expect from a community college, and you would be well prepared for a 4 yr University. There is pleanty nice places to dine, movie theaters (sorry, no I-Max), festivals, fairs, and a musical theater for performing arts. Shopping is horrible here. Real shopping is mostly done in Toledo (25 min drive) Monroe is historical, and that is really undervalued by young adults. There is a Civil War center right on Elm Street past Dixie. For the football fan, Monroe High School has a wonderful program. In 2007 Coach Hudkins was Michigan Coach of the year. Great chances for young adults to be noticed by NCAA schools. Among some of our previous NCAA and pro athletes are Eric Wilson (class of 95 - UofM 97 National Champion and member of the Detrioit Lions /Miami Dolphins) and Carl Ford (class of 99 - University of Toledo - Green Bay Packers/Chicago Bears/Detrioit Lions/Philadelphia Eagles). Monroe is a typical American family oriented town. Everybody knows everybody, because everybody stays here. I left to join the Marine Corps, served my 4, met my wife and then have spent the last 4 years in Central Ohio....and I'm moving back to Monroe. Granted you have your issues here. Some crime, youths and whatnot. But overall, you could do MUCH worse. I'm looking forward to raising my Children there. Monroe is a industry type work environment. Toledo and Detroit are where good paying business jobs can be found. Short 25-35 min commute. As a native of Monroe take it from me. The negative comments your seeing here are from one (or all) of the following: Monroe residents, in their 30s-40s whom never made anything of themselves and blaim it on the lack of resources in Monroe (trust me these type of people exist here ask anyone from Monroe). Young people 17-21 tired of the Monroe scene, and can't wait to "get out" really is that any different than any other town in America? Or Monroe bloggers of any age that like to complain but do absolutely nothing about the issues they have. If you notice, the complaints your seeing are all very shallow. No Starbucks, or good Malls to waist their money. Complaining about having to drive 25 mins to Toledo or Detroit to go to work. No complaints of value, or anything that really matters. No complaints on schooling, or crime or anything like that. They say that the Community College is a "joke" but supply no reasons as to why. Most likely because they can't. Come check out Monroe and be your own judge. It's not what these people are making it to be. It's actually a lot better.
Craig | Columbus, OH
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