Rockford, Michigan 

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Reviews for Rockford  based on 3 Reviews

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Outstanding Quality of Life! - 12/23/2012
Rockford is the ideal community for just outside of the Grand Rapids city. Outstanding schools, kind people, and a sweet downtown.
There are beautiful neighborhoods that are well taken care of amidst woods and farm country. You get a little flavor of everything here.
I will say that not having a hospital closer is a concern of mine since I have had a heart attack in the past, BUT it is forcing me to become healthier so I don't need to go back at all. Motivation.
Rockford citizens are really proud of Rockford and especially their sports. Especially their sports. But I will say that the offerings in fine arts and academics are really exceptional. In particular, the arts program at the high school offers outstanding AP art courses.
Cost of living is fairly low in my estimation and what you get for the money is pretty impressive compared to where we've come from in New Hampshire.  Read More

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The bubble - 1/30/2012
I've lived here for 15 years and love it. I have raised three children in the schools here and they are among the best in the state. All the schools are blue ribbon winners. The superintendent is conservative fiscally and has done an awesome job keeping the quality of the school while negotiating almost invisible cuts. The teachers are truly outstanding as well as the Vice Principals of the schools. Rockford is the 3rd best school district in West Michigan. It's safe and you will not find fights among the students in the school or violence. The parents and teachers and staff are on top of stuff like that. It is a very wealthy school and drugs are common but it wasn't my kids' worlds so it didn't affect them. The schools are really good but really large. My daughters graduating class had 610 kids last year but I was ok with it throughout their life because I felt it prepares them for college where they are in large lecture halls. The elementary classes are around 30 students to Read More

It's Great - 5/20/2007
I love living in Rockford, it's small, quiet and close to every thing you need (Grand Rapids). I am planning to move to Melbourne, Florida within the next couple months, for a Read More

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