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Never live here again - 11/5/2017
I've lived in Saginaw and completely hated it. Dilapidated buildings throughout the city that are being used for crack smokers, drug deals, and other criminal activities. These buildings should be torn down.
The west side use to be a better part of the city, but now it too is being overrun by thugs. For many years it's been said that gang activity was going to more controlled by the police... however they don't have enough officers to turn Saginaw into a civilised area. Heck, there are areas of the city where police officers don't even patrol because it's too dangerous to be there... they only arrive if there is an emergency call.
I couldn't get out of Saginaw fast enough!!! If you enjoy crime, drugs, jive talk, inconsiderate hoodlums, prostitutes, unsafe community, etc... then Saginaw is for you.
I will say there are a few outstanding people in Saginaw. Not all the people are uncivilized. Some people are trapped there because of income, family, or because of work. Read More

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There is something good here. - 3/2/2012
Pros: Cost of Living. This is probably one of the cheapest areas in the country.

Cons: Local government has outrageous taxes and fees. No jobs, CRIME!!!!, no wealth in the community, weather sucks 4 months out of the Read More

I only stay cuzza mah job!!!!!! - 6/19/2011
Saginaw is great, if you hate yourself and want to have someone to hate you as well. If you are thinking about moving to our besieged city, here are a few tips,bulletproof your car,teach your children what a whore,pimp,gangsta look like, to avoid lethally embarrassing situations have a "throwaway weapon" at your disposal, and by all means check out the violent, alcohol soaked bands and the beautiful art that comes from the city jail rehab programs.The only good jobs left are fading automotive plants,third arm Dow chemicle and a plethora of correction officer,drug counselor and undertaker positions with a higher turn over rate than jihadist suicide bombers. So in summary yes come to saginaw we cant get enough literate help at the local micky d's Read More

Thinking of moving to Saginaw - 3/28/2010
I lived in Saginaw for almost 40 years and I now live in South Carolina, I'm afraid that the city has been on a downward spiral for several years now and I don't see it getting better in the near future. The crime rate only seems to rise and the unemployment rate keeps getting higher. Add that to what I saw as really poor management running the city I don't believe things will improve for a long Read More

Arts and Outdoors - 4/16/2008
While Saginaw have a reputation for crime and a bad economy, there is a thriving arts scene and many recreational activities to Read More

Been there done that!! - 3/8/2007
I was born and raised in Saginaw until I graduated from high school in 1992. Graduated in June left in August. At that time there were alot of shooting everyday. Its bad when you are sitting on your porch minding your own business and watch a drive by. That is no place to raise your children especial young black Read More

What a wonderful place! (HAH!!!) - 2/3/2007
I have lived in Saginaw for most of my life, and have very few good experiences. In the time that I can remember, the gifted and tallented school that I went to was turned from a place of learning and achievement to a place of average, no, poor is the word, poor achivement. This is thanks to the wonderful superintendent Dawkins, who is in the red by 2000 kids. Way to go!! (^.^) Anyone thinking about moving here should strongly reconsider. Unless of course you enjoy falling asleep to the sounds of sirens and gun fire. I know I Read More

Spent My Life in Saginaw Area - 12/9/2006
I'm 31 and I've lived in/around Saginaw my entire life. It's issues start with corrution, all the way to massive homicide and shootings rates. With the disipation of GM and other large companies in the area, gainful employment is nearly impossible. There are a few entertainment venues which are really nice, but without gainful employment, it'll be tough to enjoy those. The City of Saginaw is the worst area to be in - high crime, dangerous streets, corrupt police, bickering politicians, etc. Saginaw Township, Thomas Township and areas surrounding the City of Saginaw, are better. In Saginaw County, there are more desirable places to live, if you enjoy the peace and quiet of the country life. However, in the poorer parts of the county are massive drug problems, (Chesaning, St.Charles, Marion). The one great thing about the Saginaw area schools, is there are a number of Charter Schools now, and enrollment is free, at most. Although these schools are rather fast-paced. With this Read More

Look elsewhere - 10/31/2006
I lived in Saginaw till I was in 4th grade and then the town was slowly going down hill, so my parents decided to move us to Freeland. That was in 78 and things have been getting worse ever since. The crime rate is horrible. Rapes, murder, burglery you name it. NOT a place to raise children. School system is horrible. The town is trying somewhat with the renovation of the Saginaw zoo which has a wonderful carousel and for being so small some pretty exotic animals. The waterpool is a nice addition also, but often to packed to go to. I'm afraid it's not enough to help out the cities bad rep. This is not a town I would be Driving through at night and I know the Read More

Saginaw Spirit - 8/17/2006
One of my favorite things to do is go to Saginaw Spirit Hockey Read More

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