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Never live here again
Star Rating - 11/5/2017
I've lived in Saginaw and completely hated it. Dilapidated buildings throughout the city that are being used for crack smokers, drug deals, and other criminal activities. These buildings should be torn down.
The west side use to be a better part of the city, but now it too is being overrun by thugs. For many years it's been said that gang activity was going to more controlled by the police... however they don't have enough officers to turn Saginaw into a civilised area. Heck, there are areas of the city where police officers don't even patrol because it's too dangerous to be there... they only arrive if there is an emergency call.
I couldn't get out of Saginaw fast enough!!! If you enjoy crime, drugs, jive talk, inconsiderate hoodlums, prostitutes, unsafe community, etc... then Saginaw is for you.
I will say there are a few outstanding people in Saginaw. Not all the people are uncivilized. Some people are trapped there because of income, family, or because of work. I've known a few great people. I don't know them anymore because I haven't been to Saginaw in years and have no plans to go there. I won't even drive through it. Just living in Saginaw County (half hour away) was still too close, so I sold my house and once again moved... this time moved WAY up north.
There are certain small pockets in Saginaw where civilized people are located... but those pockets have grown smaller and smaller over the years.
Back when I talked about law enforcement not patrolling certain parts of the city; I'd like to add that I wouldn't patrol those areas either. I do think that the police, deputies and sheriff in Saginaw are amazing. Their friendly, courteous, and take their job seriously. I personally know a few of them and will say I'm honored to know them. They definitely "protect and serve". Unfortunately there isn't enough officers to "clean up" the streets in Saginaw. The officers are overburdened with criminal activity and don't have enough time to focus on gang activity. They don't have enough officers to control gang activity anyhow. But I do commend the officers in Saginaw cause they truly earn their paycheck the hard way. I could never do what they do on a daily basis.
Richard | Chesaning, MI
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