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WAS a great town - 10/21/2007
I agree whole heartedly with the fact that Bozeman is ruining what made it great. The city has pretty much turned it's back on the university and it's students by catering to out of state yuppies (case in point: The R Bar).

The town will hire the local college grads, and pay them peanuts, because they can (a lot of grads would like to stay), I stayed an extra year and all my engineering degree got me was a job swinging a hammer and a night job slinging pizza just trying to make ends meet. The only success to be found in Bozeman is if you bring your own money or get your degree and get out. I worked building customs homes, never a single Montanan client, never met an MSU grad in Bozeman making more than 50K/yr, which will never buy a house in Bozeman (Belgrade maybe).

Gallatin county will continue to grow into a unrecognizeable blob of over priced houses while the college students won't be able to afford to set foot off Read More

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Great little town with a lot of recreation. - 9/25/2007
Bozeman is a great place to live. There are outdoor activities galore and the people are friendly. People move to Bozeman for the winters to ski but stay for the summers. There is so much to do including, hiking, camping, fishing, white water rafting, mountain biking, climbing, floating, or going to the weekly outdoor concerts. It is hard to beat the beauty of driving along the Gallatin River through the Gallatin Canyon. Bozeman is a great Read More

Lovely place to live, work, recreate and raise a f - 9/25/2007
Bozeman, Montana is a quickly growing town that still maintains a small town feel. Nestled in the heart of the Gallatin Valley, Bozeman is surrounded by soaring mountains, numerous rivers, vast open landscape and of course, the Big Sky.

I have lived in Bozeman on and off since 1973. As a kid I loved riding my horses through the mountain trails, my bike along the gravel roads and cruising up and down main street visiting Western Drug or Crazy Daze.

After graduating high school I moved away for college and several years past that. I returned in 1998 because I could think of no better place to raise my two children. Since moving back I have enjoyed the same wonderful events that wowed me as a kid. The Sweet Pea Festival, Music on Main, The Montana State Bobcats, floating the Madison, hiking through Hylite and skiing Bridger Bowl and Big Sky (and now Moonlight Basin!) just to name a few. There are new ones, too, that are just as enjoyable such as The Read More

if you don't know already . . . why bother? - 9/12/2007
bozeman is a place for people who love mountains, the outdoors, winter, farmers markets, local beer, ice-skating in parks, sledding, hunting, hiking, biking, fishing, rafting, music, festivals, road trips, yellowstone, wolf-watching, barns, haystacks, horses, bluegrass, and sunsets. if you don't like these things, why are you reading this? if you prefer your high-paying jobs and your high-rise apartments, you won't fit in. if you are an improviser, a friend, a good neighbor, and a lover of open spaces and beautiful places, you'll find a way to make it work. my advice to those who want to move here: start a business. add something. grow something. that is the easiest way to get to know the Read More

Wannabe big city - 8/22/2007
This town is completely anti-student. Every business here will not hire college students and they will not rent to them at apartments. Wake up people! This town would hardly exist if there were not university. Traffis is horrible for a town this size. The growth is positively uncontrolled. There is a complete lack of planning and yet they just keep building more and more. Houseing is in the $250,000 range and that will get you a cheaply-built cookie cutter. People move here because it is pretty and yet they are ruining the very thing that makes it that way. The other people who stay are former college students who do not know any home away from home and are too scared to leave. There is one over-crowded high school which is extremely cliquey. The people in general are some of the most inconsiderate, selfish people you will ever meet. Any working Joe will have no hope of ever owning a house and will just be in the "have not" category. Come to go to college (if you can afford it), then Read More

Bozeman: Beautiful, but Overrated - 6/16/2007
We moved here on account of my new job; my better half did not have a position, but wound-up finding something within 1 1/2 months of moving here. Both of us are in IT; he had to take a position he was overqualified for (but we worried about not being able to pay the bills).

The Positive: Beautiful scenery, nice Main Street, some chains if you prefer shopping at them (Target, Macy's, Costco, Home Depot, and so on), friendly people, beautiful summer, and VERY family-friendly.

The Negative: Very white! I thought I could get over this, having traveled extensively, but with the lack of diversity and the attitudes of some (who have rarely traveled outside the state or have never traveled outside the state at all), I'm appalled at some of the things that spill from the mouth---I didn't move here thinking everyone was a cowboy, so why do they have attitudes about where I'm from? Some people do not like out-of-staters moving in; however, I've found that to come from Read More

Anti-Student College Town - 1/5/2007
Bozeman is a very beautiful town but unfortunately it has fallen victim to the "end of the rainbow" mentality. People are trying to find their piece of paradise and driving the land value up to the point that the average Joe cannot afford to live there anymore. The price of housing is prohibitive and rent is also outrageous. $350 will get you a flea bag apartment. Speaking of apartments,slum lords run rampant in this collge town with no pride in their university. The town is so anti-student that many of the local stores will not hire students nor will apartment managers rent to them. The surropunding communities are not much cheaper to live in anymore. The one plus that they have is that some are not as cliquey as Bozeman Read More

not to late to change your mind about moving here - 11/3/2006
Bozeman is great if : independently wealthy/trust fund/bring your own job and salary. Montana State Univ wages are rock bottom, hopefully you have an expensive house to sell before moving here, because home prices are the same here, only the salaries are 1/3 of what you need (can you monetize the views to pay bills??). Affordable housing is available on the other side of the mountain pass, except winter road closures are frequent.
People ride bikes here cause they need affordable transportation. Good Luck making a go of it out Read More

Response to Costa Rican poster - 8/15/2006
I think the Costa Rican poster would feel very comfortable in Bozeman. It's true that the large majority of people here are white. This is SLOWLY starting to change. That being said, there is a group of Costa Rican students that come to town on a foreign exhange every summer, and there are many others from different countries. I'm a member of a Spanish conversation club who would love the opportunity to practice with a native speaker! Our university here means that Bozemanites tend to be more open to different cultures than those in some other towns. Just be ready for the visual shock if you're coming from a place with a lot of ethnic Read More

Bozeman's people - 7/6/2006
I have been considering to move to Bozeman, but I have an inquiry that cannot be answered by stats or research. How are Bozeman's people towards foreign people. I am from Costa Rica and my wife is from Indianapolis, IN. I do realize that it should not matter but I also realize is not my country and some people are bothered by it, besides I would not like to live in a place where I wont feel welcome at all. Can someone tell about it... all comments are welcome. In Indianapolis people are in the overall fine with foreigners with some exceptions to the rule of Read More

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