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Horrible Economy - 6/7/2008
Born and raised in Butte, I still have quite a bit of family in the town. Jobs are scarce, most business are closing or are struggling to stay open. Once graduating from high school, most people leave Butte (as you can see the average age is 40). The community is fairly safe as the size means that most people know each other some way or another. The remains of the Berkley mining pit are evident, large piles of mine "waste" dot the hills around part of the city. During wind storms the dust kicks up the piles, making you wonder just what you are breathing in. The Berkley pit has an open viewing area so you can see just how much damage was done to the area. Butte was a large mining city, and the uptown Butte has occasional sink holes that still open up. The city is struggling to survive and a lot of revival work is being done to the uptown Butte to save the old buildings. There is an old section of China Town still standing, and you can take tours of the underground city in Read More

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Butte, Montana - 3/10/2008
Nestled in the Rocky Mountains, this medium size mining town thinks like a small town. It is friendly and welcoming. Centrally located to all the fun things the great outdoors can provide--camping, fishing, hiking, hunting. Yellowstone National Park is less than two hours away. Glacier National Park is about 3 hours away.
Butte relied heavily on the mining community and once boasted a population of over 100,000 people. However, the mining industry's downturn, and more recently in the 80's, Butte now is a community of about 35,000. Infrastructure for building new homes was fairly minimal from about 1980 to aobut 2005. You will find older homes (pre-1980) and new homes (post 2004) for the majority of homes you will find available in Butte. The newer the home, the more expensive it will be. Getting property with your home is very probable.
One of the best engineering colleges in the country is found in Butte, Montana. Cost of education at Montana Tech is much less Read More

Not a pretty town, but a good place to live. - 4/27/2007
I lived in Butte for eight years, from 1974 to 1982. That was the final chapter in the life of the mining industry in Butte. Economy is slow and jobs hard to find, but cost of living is low. No sales tax in Montana. Great engineering college in town but public schools are below average. Private schools in the area are Read More

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