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Friendly city on-par drivrs compared 2 other citys - 9/16/2020
I grew up in Lincoln. As a child I have nothing but fond memories of this city. I moved around a few times, places including Crete, and Omaha. Lincoln gives you the best of the small town feels while still being a median city. Drivers in Lincoln have gotten progressively worse, however I've lived in Chicago and currently in Fort Lauderdale FL and the drives in these cities are MUCH worse. I believe it's a combination of the newer drivers being spoiled millennials and cars that are naturally faster. I will also say that I have never experienced a rude soul while living in Lincoln. I was comfortable enough to ask for directions from complete strangers and not fear for my life lol. I also remember getting stuck in the snow in 2011 around 10pm and knocking on a strangers door and he helped me push my car out of it. nice people live here I know that. Just gotta be nice in return. Read More

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Nice Place to Retire To - 6/8/2020
I've lived in Lincoln for 7 years and love it. Communities are safe, and if you forget to close your garage door, neighbors will call you. There are lots of trails that you can walk, bike, or ride a horse on. Check out MoPack trail, which runs from Downtown to Elmwood. 7 library branches are great too; nice staff, buildings, and fun. Lincoln Public Schools is a good system. Just don't go to Northeast High School; bad academic scores. Plenty of things to do and eat in downtown.  Read More

DEFINITELY not for everyone... - 4/15/2020
I lived in Lincoln for 4 years and can honestly say that I never felt accepted into the community. I moved here from Wichita and thought Lincoln would be the right kind of change while I was in college. However, I found myself wanting to move back to Kansas more and more everyday. The people here are extremely rude and nosy. The drivers here are also some of the worst you’ll ever come across. The only good thing I can say about this place is that if you travel just an hour away you’ll come across the great city of Omaha. If you are a minority or are different in any kind of way you will be stared and gawked at in the Lincoln “community”. Very relieved to be moving out of Read More

A good place to raise a family - 2/23/2020
I have lived in Lincoln for more than forty years. Property taxes are high, but the school system is excellent. Altogether a very livable place, and a great town to raise a kid. Lincoln has a world class film theatre, America's oldest continuously operating blues bar, a great system of trails and parks, arguably the nation's most beautiful state capitol building, low levels of crime and unemployment, and generally a welcoming attitude towards immigrants. Nebraska is very beautiful (the dead flat I-80 corridor which most folks think represents the state notwithstanding), the air and water are clean, and we enjoy 100% public Read More

Lincoln is terrible place to live - 1/4/2020
Lincoln is one of the worst places I have ever lived in. one of the highest taxation coupled with worst weather. six months of ice and snows, a few moths of extreme heat and cost of living is just ridiculously Read More

Delightful and pleasant - 12/28/2019
I’ve lived in Lincoln for forty-three years and have found it to be a delightful and enjoyable place to call home. There are ample parks, abundant bike trails, a plentiful number of jobs, good retail, and accessible, affordable educational and cultural Read More

Lincoln - for a few, not for most... - 5/7/2019
I grew up in this area and attended undergrad at the University of Nebraska. I moved away after college and only recently was recruited back for a position. As others have mentioned, Lincoln is a bit of an anomaly without a real identity, other than being just another small town in the Midwest. This is especially true for those that are not from here - oddly enough, folks that are from anywhere else are given the vibe that they don't belong. I would disagree quite emphatically with one poster that Lincoln sees individuals moving from coastal cities; having moved away for a decade and returning, I have not found this to be the case even in the slightest.

Who it's for: Lincoln is best suited for families that want a small town with more amenities than what a rural community can provide. Culturally, Lincoln has little to offer, so the expectation should be aligned with this reality.

The good: Housing is affordable. City is extremely safe. Schools are average. Read More

Keep going West to Colorado!!! - 2/11/2019
I've lived here for 12 years and still struggle to fully understand the vibe here. It's somewhere between the "good 'ol boy" system and an insecure desire to be more than a big town. There is a very insecure vibe here that borders on some strange hive mentality that only the locals understand and people are very, very nosy. There are an awful lot of meatheads running around in Husker shirts too. It's real cliquey and you'll have a hard time breaking into any social circles once the local yokels find out you weren't born and bred there. They come off as "We're the friendliest place in the Midwest" but that is only true if you are from here. Save yourself grief and move to Colorado, the people there are way cooler and don't care what you do. Read More

Don't move here if you have no connections here - 2/3/2019
I lived in Lincoln in 2018 for an internship. Overall, I wanted to like it, but ended up becoming depressed. But I'll say what I like/admire about it before going into why I disliked it.

Lincoln is affordable, family-oriented community, and remarkably safe for a city its size. Most social events involved family activities and the public schools are pretty good according to parents I talked to. The most "dangerous" communities here are not all that bad. It was so safe I could sit on my porch at 2am in the morning and have no one trying to bother me (and I lived in a so-called dangerous neighborhood). Housing is so cheap that's it's laughable. My rent was 10% of my monthly income (I had a roommate). Another fact is that Lincoln is growing in size and recreational activities. In recent years the city built an entertainment district and apartments downtown.

Why I disliked it:

1.) It's extremely insular. Seriously, if you're not from here or didn't Read More

Small City with wishful thinking - 1/4/2019
Lincoln is friendly, safe, affordable, clean and has no natural disasters. The local-ism is kinda creepy. They want to know all about you and where you come from but really wont truly befriend if you are an outsider. Strange obsession with identity crisis around Nebraska in general. Some talk about interest in going somewhere like Denver, Phoenix, Chicago, anywhere in California but will never leave their Lincoln Hamlet. Weird vicarious living attitude. I embrace the location for what it is ...mid-west vibe. Some of the best sunsets i have seen anywhere.  Read More

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10310 Shore Front Dr
Bed 4 | Bath 4

2519 T St
Bed 2 | Bath 1

5511 S 74th St
Bed 4 | Bath 4

7601 Yancy Dr
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3115 U St
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6184 Blackstone Rd
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6411 Mesaverde Dr
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