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Lincoln, Nebraska - 8/16/2014
The economy here has always been good. Even during the 2008 crash, we didn't really feel it. I'm sure some people would disagree with me, but being in what USED to be "middle class", we've done quite well here. The only bad thing I could say is the property taxes here are quite Read More

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Very little crime. - 5/23/2013
Lincoln, NE is a great place to raise a family due to the low crime rate for its Read More

property taxes - 3/21/2013
property taxes are over 2.0% in Lincoln, outrageous!!!  Read More

Not a good place for newcomers needing excitement - 12/22/2012
The review dated from from 2009 from user Jeff pretty much hit the nail on the head with what I was going to say. I graduated from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln a year ago. I told my father that if I couldn't find a job outside of Nebraska, I would kill myself. Soon after, I moved to Seattle, landed a job, and haven't looked back since.

If you are a newcomer seeking a start in Lincoln, you better be extremely social and good at making friends. Because although people in Lincoln are polite, it can be extremely difficult to break into their circles and make friends. Most of the residents out of the university have family who's lived in Nebraska for generations. They already have their family and established friends. I've found that most people in Lincoln are not interested in meeting new people for friendship. You should also be white, as most people (white people) in Nebraska are not comfortable with associating with people who look or act differently.  Read More

Great Place to Live and Work - 11/1/2012
I am originally from Chicago, Illinois and currently living in Lincoln, Nebraska home of the Big Red Cornhuskers.

My transition from a large metropolitan city like Chicago, to Lincoln, Nebraska took a while for me to adjust to the culture and the pace the city and the people moved. Lincoln is a great place to raise a family, the city although does not have the multiple venue of entertainment like Chicago offer; but what Lincoln offer are: Great H.S. school & College systems, Great choices for religious needs, Awesome performing arts, HUSKER FOOTBALL (I had to get that in there), Easy air travels to Minneapolis, KC, Chicago, Denver etc.

I hope this helps, those considering Lincoln, Nebraska for relocation or just a visit.

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Lack of entertainment and progression - 6/27/2012
The population stats are off. The 2010 census stated that Lincoln's population was 258,379. Anyhow, I think Lincoln is a decent place to live. It is extremely safe, is a great college town, great place to raise a family, low unemployment rates, and good public schools. I dislike the serious lack of entertainment though. The pinnacle bank arena is definitely a step in the right direction, but even with that, Lincoln still has a long way to go. This town is extremely conservative, not very progressive, and doesn't feel very conncected with the outside world. Read More

Not so bad - 12/11/2011
Nice people. Good living enviroment. weather Read More

I gotta get out of this place! - 12/8/2011
I moved to Lincoln 2 years ago from Oregon. I totally agree with some of the comments I read. I will leave as soon as my son finishes high school in 2013 and I am considering Colorado. I have always been young in spirit and physically active; I fear I am becoming old and dull. I am also losing my subtlety. Here things are sweet or salty, there are no shades of pale. People here live in small boxes and hang curtains in them and never leave them. It is very strange and inhibitive.There are some interesting people here, but gosh,it takes a lot of work to find Read More

public transportation - 4/15/2011
Public transportation is really bad in Lincoln, NE. They operate from 6:30AM to 5:15PM Mon-Sat ONLY.
The city of Lincoln have the notion that people that have to or want to use public transport are poor or stupid and this is why they offer very, very limited service.
I think that they don't or do not realize that if you offer a better service of public transport merchants will sell more, more income to the city/state and people that have to use public transport will be able to work over time, weekends and holidays. As of now those people are limited only to day jobs (max. to 5PM) Mon-Sat (no Sunday or holidays jobs).
This is why people that are unemployed CAN'T (in many cases)find jobs. They are willing to work 2nd. or 3rd. shift, weekends or holidays but can't because of public transport limited Read More

Small City features like a Big City - 2/25/2011
Lincoln is a great place to live. The university provides events and opportunities usually available only in larger cities. There's a wide range of groups where people get together monthly and discuss positions of interest. Sure, sports are big, but there's a lot to do if you don't care for sports. Location in the middle of the country means weather extremes are not unusual but it's not hot too long or cold too long.

After living in several other locations both larger and smaller, I'd rather live in Lincoln than anywhere else. It's a growing community with a lot happening and low unemployment due to the conservative financial nature of most people.  Read More

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2660 SW 18th St
Bed 3 | Bath 2

2525 Ridge Rd
Bed 5 | Bath 5

3221 Durado Ct
Bed 4 | Bath 4

101 Oregon Trl
Bed 3 | Bath 2

6729 Wildrye Rd
Bed 5 | Bath 4

17300 Yankee Hill Rd
Bed 4 | Bath 3

2421 Switchback Rd
Bed 4 | Bath 4


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