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Community - 7/10/2015
I have lived in many places across southern NH - and Nashua is by far the most community oriented place I have lived. The Library, Main Street initiatives, and parks are used by a variety of people, a cross-section from Nashua and surrounding Read More

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no reason to live here. it's pretty rough actuall - 5/28/2014
I lived here for three years when I worked for a major defense contractor. since that time i have been in gainesville, FL (an amazing place) and nowhere, Taiwan (about the same as Nashua). Nashua is a place where you will see a lot of potholes and dirty pavement, and trashy people smoking outside there dilapidated buildings. It's very gritty, it's very lower class, MAYBE lower middle. And I hate sounding like a classist, but it's a trashy town. no one takes pride in their property, they let it fall apart. No one takes pride in the city, that falls apart too. the weather is awful, as it is in most of NH. 6 months of bitter cold, 3 months of horrible heat, and then a pretty nice autumn which is much too short. There is not much to do outside. There is a bike trail, but it's not very long, and it's hard to get to from the city center. Traffic is horrible for such a small town too, and its horrible alll day. There seem to be a lot of people unemployed that drive around all day on Read More

RE: "Conservative and Lower Middle Class - 10/11/2 - 5/27/2013
I have lived in Nashua for over 20 years, having previously lived in MA (10 years), preceded by growing up in So Cal. I find the opinions expressed in "Conservative and Lower Middle Class - 10/11/2008" to be based on stereotypes of New Hampshire that do not hold true.

Here are some stats for my local middle school, per the "Find a Good School" website:

Total number of students: 664
Total number of American Indian/Alaska Native students: 4
Total number of Asian/Hawaiian Native/Pacific Islander students: 27
Total number of Hispanic students: 127
Total number of Black, non-Hispanic students: 35
Total number of White, non-Hispanic students: 467
Total number of Hawaiian Native/Pacific Islander students: 0
Total number of Two or more races students: 4

While we're not a big, inner city, the community is certainly becoming more ethnically diverse. I feel that my daughter is exposed to multiple cultures in her Read More

nashua nh - 8/26/2010
Nashua ok . the winter can be cold and summer hot. Fall is the best time around here. Read More

Schools - 7/20/2009
For those of you with young children as I have for the first time in the history of Hudson, We now have a kindergarten system within the public schools which now makes Hudson one of the most desirable community in Southern Ne Hampshire to Read More

Conservative and Lower Middle Class - 10/11/2008
I have lived in Nashua for 9 years. Unfortunately, I have enjoyed very little about the city, culture and region. I was actually born in MA and grew up in New England...I love the change in seasons...but I dislike the lack of true diversity and open-mindedness; the oppressive environment; and the lack of enlightened, emotionally educated locals. It has been an excruciating place for me to live. As I pursue my graduate education my hopes of leaving this place grow stronger every day. If you are looking for high emotional IQ? Look elsewhere. I know I will be, sometime soon.

-Not Happy in Read More

Getting Around in NH - 9/14/2008
Getting around in NH/MA is challenging if you do not have access to a car. Nashua is approximately 6 miles north of the northeastern MA state line. In Nashua there is sparse mass transit. Stops are few and far between and if you have to work past 7pm, you're out of luck. Most people work in MA as the salaries are more generous due to the cost of living Read More

Nashua, NH - 5/7/2008
Love is so close to everything: sports, the beach, Boston, NY, CT,, people are great.  Read More

You get it all - 2/6/2008
Great place to live if you find something great about all seasons. Winters can be long and wintery mixes of precipitation is always expected. Springs can be short with a feel like winter goes right to summer. It is nice to be an hour or two away from the ocean and lakes. The fall foliage is gorgeous and again, you can get the best of it within a one hour car Read More

Amherst is a great place to live - 1/5/2007
A small town set in the woods of New Hampshire let close by to restaurants, doctors, and hospitals of Nashua and Manchester. Very scenic area great for walking and hiking. Great school Read More

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7 Pepperell Cir
Bed 4 | Bath 3

41 Vine St
Bed 2 | Bath 1

8 Seneca Dr
Bed 3 | Bath 2

5 Jenny Hill Ln
Bed 4 | Bath 3

55 Bowers St
Bed 3 | Bath 1

21 E Dunstable Rd
Bed 3 | Bath 2

86 Blossom St
Bed 3 | Bath 1


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