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Pretty living - 8/11/2009
Beautiful Read More

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Passive Terrorism Requires Military Intervention S - 7/13/2009
Another American Enlightned City To Avoid - So, where to go...?? Forget Albany, NY, unless you are uLtRa DiVeRsE and ready to turn any/all Cleaver Family people into the passive terrorist Station Chief if you're not uLtRa DiVeRsE and PeeSee -- so to be allowed, for example, to have a job. No joke. No Hyperbole. This kind of filthy devolved anti-American city_behavior is beneath shameful, disgusting and the perps should be brought up on hate crime charges. Why the comment about being single? You left us hanging Read More

Four Seasons - 5/31/2009
Albany is a nice city in upstate NY. The change of seasons is often quite dramatic especially when changing from summer to fall. The colors are magnificent in Autumn and all you have to do is look out your window or go for a Read More

Not a great place to live - 11/7/2008
The city of Albany old, poor and run down. The downtown is empty during the nights and weekends except for a couple of blocks where the bars are. The nightlife is populated with mostly poor and uneducated people. The college areas are run down and often referred to as the "student ghettos". Most people that work in Albany do not live in the city. Nearby suburban areas like Colonie actually have a larger population than Albany does. There is not much "city life", shopping is all in strip malls and large indoor malls. Other nearby cities like Troy and Schenectady are even more run down. The only good area near Albany is Saratoga which is about a 40 min drive north. The winters are long and tough - about 6 months out of the year you can get snowfall and we typically get about 2 or 3 large snowfalls a year (1/2-2ft of snow). It is cold and dry during the winter and summers last a blink of the eye and are typically humid. There is no where good to go during the summer, except for some Read More

Albany, NY - 10/28/2008
Albany has recently attracted several hi-tech companies in addition to the multi-billion dollar Nano-tech Center. Albany and the surrounding areas have been dubbed "Tech Valley," the Silicon Valley of the East Coast. Situated amongst five mountain ranges and very accessible to New York City, Boston, Montreal and Buffalo, New York State's Capital City is a great place to call home. The cost of living is very reasonable, the people are incredibly friendly, and several colleges and universities are found nearby. If you're looking for a great small big city that is growing every day, place value the outdoors and desire access to several major cities, Albany may be the perfect home for Read More

uhh iive never biin there .. buht - 10/9/2008
myy boiifrennd says iihtz great .. ii may go to a college there for journaliism .. and from the comments and movies ive read and seen new york seemz lyk a great place to live and sieze great oppurtuniitiies and really follow your BIG DREAMS .. ;) .. iid liive there any dayy !! ..mann ii should liive there lyk now Read More

Albany, New York. - 5/6/2008
Although it is fairly small as cities go it has a lot to offer. Albany not only has a very active array of small venues which offer live music, poetry readings and theater--it is within an easy ride to Boston and NYC. Better still, it's easy to escape to the country-- the Adirondacks and Catskill Mts are a stones throw Read More

A NYC type who likes Albany - 8/9/2007
Folks from NYC who take shots at Albany have never been there. Sure the State legislature is worthless but the people outside taht building are very nice, and yeas Ed Koch, there are some great resturants. Try Carmine's on teh western part of Central Avenue.

Wolf Road in suburban Albany would give any suburban shooping district a run for its Read More

LOVE it Here! - 7/22/2007
My husband and I both got our grad degrees at SUNY Albany, then left for the greener pastures of NYC. Twelve years later, we're back with our 2 year old and returning is the best decision we could have made. In NYC we could never afford to buy a single family home; here we have a gorgeous house for less than 300K. In NYC it takes 100 years to get to a good supermarket, Target or the gym if you don't live close to such amenities; here, we walk to all of life's necessities and it's a quick drive to shops further away. Nature is close by, there are tons of cultural activities in the area, people are friendly, and, if I need a fix, NYC is 3 hours away. We have met lots of transplants from downstate and we all agree - the quality of life here for families is Read More

Just OK - 6/11/2007
Albany is a mixed bag. While the cost of living isn't too high, the housing is very, very old and much of the city seems rundown compared to other places that I've lived. I live in a more refurbished area which is nice, but the parking is a hassle much of the time even though I ride the bus quite often. The city government is not reponsive and leaders seem to be more interested in taking care of themselves than putting the residents first. Everyone says the schools are bad, but I'm not sure if they really are, or if it's just a knee-jerk reaction--urban school system--must be bad. On the plus side, there are great restaurants, theaters, and shopping in the city and surrounding towns, the scenery is great, and it's a great location if you like going to larger cities such as Boston or New Read More

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8 Oneil Rd
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42 Winnie St
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153 Rosemont St
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