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Reviews for Buffalo  based on 84 Reviews

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Come here to die - 2/11/2021
If u dont have a connection, Family or friends, They will tell u that u r the problem.I have lived here from birth and can say that I will never stay here. Time to retire, move out of this cloister of loosers. Bills ....suck.......Sabres......suck. This place only holds a certain magic for those .....unh huh unh huh. It is a serious joke for the sane and those looking for the future. Pizza/wings.....the best in the land. Where do u go from here?
Slit ur wrists go and dont look back! This place sucks! It is a depression Read More

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Vitamin D Deficiency of Life - 12/17/2019
I am currently writing this review on December 18, 2019 @12:49 am from Batavia NY. I lived in Ruff Buff for 39 years (born and raised), left in 2004 to Alabama, returned to Batavia, NY in 2018, and I have absolutely nothing to boast about. This is not a place to retire or vacation to. If you relocate to Buff and find a beautiful home and neighbor hood, just sit back and watch the local news for about a month...its guaranteed to bring on a deep depression. Buffalo is lacking everything from education, jobs, hospitality, to sunshine. I love my family and they love Buffalo and that's because they've never been anywhere else and are afraid to leave. I will be leaving its dreadful sister, Batavia, next year heading back south. Goodbye Buff, goodbye Batavia, GOOD RIDDANCE NEW Read More

Buffalo, The Armpit of the United States - 11/8/2019
I grew up in WNY and have lived in various parts of the inner city as well as the surrounding suburbs. After recently relocating to MN I can honestly say that things are better here in every way! There are many more sunny days per year, less precipitation, lower taxes, better roads and infrastructure and possibly most important to me is a robust job market with plenty of opportunities to explore. Buffalo has no jobs, terrible winters, terrible roads, terrible taxes and the list goes on and on. By far the best decision that I have ever made personally was to depart from the armpit of the United States that is Buffalo, NY. For those of you that are staying because you are familiar, and you have family and friends, I get it, but there is so much more out there and way better living situations than Buffalo NY, try Buffalo, MN for example. MN>NY in every way. Read More

Hype - 5/4/2019
The average low temperature is 40 degrees and even in the summer you need a long sleeve shirt at night, with the exception of a handful of days. The city and surrounding suburbs are full of alcoholics, and drugs are easily available. taxes are among the highest in the nation and the Democrat leadership has not moved the needle on the poverty rate which hovers at about 30% and is among the worst in the nation. despite rhetoric from the Democrat leadership that everything in Buffalo is doing great, facts tell a different tale. Murray county executives about how much money they spent on road repair, most of that money were tax dollars recoup from our fuel taxes, and in reality the county spends very very little on fixing the third world level roads. More potholes in Buffalo suburb then on my recent trip to Costa Rica. The best paid people in New York state are the New York State employees, are not required to pay any state sales tax, imagine that. Direction of New York State is getting Read More

Friendly place with better weather than you think - 4/18/2019
I am a current resident of Buffalo. I grew up outside Buffalo proper (by the Bills stadium), lived in the West Side for a few years, left the area for almost a decade, and returned in 2008. I am a proud resident!
Buffalo used to get no love. Many people saw it as an old, out of touch, dismal place with no excitement outside of the cheap beer and fried everything.
During the late 2000’s, the city began to turn around a bit. It turns out- we were right- Buffalo is great! It has a gritty, rootsy, take-it-or-leave-it charm that is attractive to people. The lake, the parks, the food, and the architecture (and if you drink, the bars) make for a great and friendly vibe. There’s a strong sense of history here, and plenty to explore.
It’s a solidly blue collar Great Lakes town. The recent economic improvements are two-sided: there are jobs here now, more/hipper places to live, and a lot of restaurants and shops..... however the already palpable racial segregation has been Read More

Get Out - 12/20/2018
Lived there for 51 years and just moved my family to Florida about 5 months ago. I literally can't believe I lived there so long, it is amazing what you become used to and accept. I am writing this for any one who is thinking about leaving the dreariest place in America. It has been named #1 several times. If you are considering do not talk yourself out of it and just do it, no excuses. I let my wife convince me to stay all those years because of family and friends and now you could not pay her to move back. GET OUT AS FAST AS YOU CAN AND START LIVING LIFE THE WAY IT IS SUPPOSED TO BE LIVED!!!! I do miss my friends, but several have already visited in Read More

An interesting place to visit - 9/4/2018
My family and I visited last summer and were amazed by all that Buffalo has to offer. We are international travelers and live in NYC so not easily impressed. Yes the waterfront could be better but it was still pretty cool with museums and cool ships not to mention public spaces with things to do. The Frederick Law Olmstead designed parkways, the beautiful residential neighborhoods and little villages within the city, the Pierce Arrow museum, the stadium, the great architecture, the amazing art musuem and nearby park (have lunch at the restaurant in the park across from the art museu) not to mention nearby Niagra Falls were all very enjoyable attractions. I would go back again. As an urban planner I am impressed with all that the City has done in the last few Read More

Buffalo Is Horrible - Stay Away From It! - 6/10/2018
There are so many reasons not to move or visit here. The weather is atrocious for 7-8 months of the year. Don't let others snow you that it's not that bad - it is! The education is terrible. There are more dumb and incompetent people here per capita than I've encountered almost anywhere else. Buffalo has one of the highest murder rates in the country. The sports teams suck and are poorly managed to suck this long and this bad. The people are nice in general but weird. They do not like outsiders. They want to believe that Buffalo is wonderful because they haven't seen better to know better. Many residents have never been to nearby Niagara Falls, Toronto or New York City. The live in a vacuum. Buffalo was recently voted the Rudest City in America and is still among the top cities for this (go look it up). I have had more mistakes made here than in all the other places I have been combined in a short period of time. People here get defensive if you point out their many mistakes or a Read More

21st Century Buffalo NY - 2/5/2018
This is NOT New York City of 11 million people...
This is Western New York (upstate) of about 1.2 million people spread over 5 Counties.
I grew up in the City of Buffalo, graduated from Lafayette HS. Lived there throughout the recession of the 1970s which lasted into the 1990s for WNY. The winters were much more harsh now that global warming has arrived. If you want year round summer then move south, but if you love 4 full seasons then move to WNY. Snow ski, toboggan, sled and snow tube 3 months per year and go sailing on the Great Lakes of Erie or Ontario.
Yes Great Lakes are the largest fresh water lakes in north America, where swells can reach 20 feet. Your super powerboat will not reach the other side of the lake from end to end for an hour or more.
The economy is rising and especially with anyone with a higher education. Buffalo and surrounding Western New York State was all Blue Collar until the 21st Century. It has become highly Medical and Read More

Lived there 40 yrs - 12/28/2017
Super high Taxes (especially school taxes), cold, hermit living for 9 months, only 30 sunshiny days (includes winder) averaged a year, potholes everywhere, no job, high heating bills (I had heat on in Read More

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