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Ithaca, New York Reviews

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Nice! - 10/1/2021
Great place to live. Lots to do, vibrant culture, and beautiful scenery. Don't fear the winter--it's even beautiful then. Only complaint is the housing market. Way overpriced considering the size of the Read More

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Ithaca a liberal cess-pool - 7/12/2021
I was born, raised, educated there (Ithaca High and Cornell). In my opinion, before leaving to pursue my career, it seemed like the most beautiful, clean, low crime, God-loving, family-oriented, small sized city in the US. Many years later, when I returned, I found a Read More

Ithaca is great (if you don't want to date). - 4/27/2018
I think Ithaca is a superb community. The city is beautiful, there are tons of things to do and it's a hub for learning. The natural surroundings are exquisite. Parks are superb! It's liberal, progressive, and a fine place to raise a family. I would not recommend moving here if you're over 40 and single, however. You will not find dates here. You will find people who rarely look at you unless they know you already. You'll find a large population of folks under 30 and a lot of retired folks. You'll find lots of married people with beautiful children. And if you try online dating, you'll find lots of mentally ill men between the ages of 40 and 60. If you're a white straight woman with her sanity intact and you have the slightest bit of self-respect, you will not find a date in this town unless you look like Gemma Arterton and you're in your 20s. Sorry. It's Read More

Ithaca NY - 3/17/2018
Ithaca is the best little liberal town in America. The people are amazing and it’s a beautiful Read More

mixed review - 9/5/2013
I moved to Ithaca from the southeastern US to escape red America at the height of the Bush era, both to find a community where I felt more at home and to find a good place for public education for my children. The schools are good and I have no complaints about them. The educational climate is conducive to learning and there are many opportunities for school children to be involve in a humane and inclusive school community. The downsides for me include a high cost of living - housing and other costs are significantly higher here and taxes related to owning a home are just amazing. I estimate that the property and school taxes I pay are similar to the monthly cost of a 30-year mortgage on a house of similar value to mine. New york has passed a law that limits the growth of property taxes and proudly announces it on their ads for the state, but they don't tell you that the taxes already are about 3000 dollars per hundred thousand (per year!), or that many municipalities (Ithaca Read More

Gas drilling in Marcellus Shale - 2/1/2010
Many residents are worried that prospective drilling for natural gas in the Marcellus Shale (which underlies Ithaca and much of the rest of New York west of Albany) will damage the environment and make living in the area much less appealing. Other residents believe that the economic benefits will outweigh the negatives. At present drilling in the Marcellus Shale is prohibited until the state completes a study of the process, and the governor makes a decision regarding when, and how, to allow Read More

Beauty of Ithaca - 1/12/2010
Rolling hills, numerous waterfalls and gorges make this town great for the Read More

Don't move to Ithaca! - 12/26/2009
Ithaca is an awful place to live! I moved here from Virginia to go to Cornell and regret coming! The university is nice, but the town is horrible! The local people are really strange and downtown area looks really run down. Also, the weather is unbearable, especially in winter. The sun never shines, it snows daily, and rarely gets above 20 degrees. I can't wait until graduation! I don't recommend the area at Read More

Couldn't Wait to Leave! - 11/4/2009
I lived there for 28 years and it was about 20 years too long. We moved in 2001 and I was so happy. I hated the weather - the cloudiness and the LONG winters that start in October and sometimes end by April - the end of April that is. It's so cold. We moved south and I love it! I do not miss Ithaca at all!!! It's in the middle of nowhere and it takes so much time to get anywhere! I do however miss access to NYC. It took a little over 3 hours driving and there were always flights daily. NYC is a place I love and really do miss but Ithaca and surrounding areas - forget it.Read More

All-Around Great Quality of Life - 7/13/2009
Ithaca, New York has a wonderful quality of life. The city has many of the cultural trappings of a major city, such as a plethora of restaurants, professional theatre troupes, museums, arthouse cinema, and a major university. It also has much of the charm of a small town. While hilly, it's a bicycle-friendly city with an excellent public transit system. The city is small enough that a bicycle is a viable primary mode of transportation. With a large lake, forests, extensive hiking trails, and three state parks within a fifteen-minute drive, Ithaca is an outdoors enthusiast's dream. All-in-all, Ithaca NY is a great place to Read More

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