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Scenic city with lots to do - 11/11/2021
Rochester is a scenic city with so much to offer in terms of things to do and having 4 seasons, except the summer is more like a long spring!! It's a relatively unknown city that is being revitalized with lots of money being pumped in from the government. Lots of snow but not as cold as it should be (southern tier and eastern part of nys is colder!!) because of proximity to great lakes and the finger lakes. Love living Read More

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"Rottenchester" lives up to it's nickname - 10/10/2021
The crime rate is out of control at least 1 homocide a week if not daily, the CIty government is corrupt-the Mayor recently resigned so she wouldn't go to prison and her husband is facing gun and drug charges; not to mention she put all her relatives in positions within the city; the police department has been neutered by the previously mentioned mayor; welfare fraud is rampant, traffic is miserable due to the never ending road construction, the economy is a slowly sinking ship - even Wegmans, the flagship store of Rochester is floundering with prices being raised daily and quality going down; what was once a beautiful, culturally advanced city is becoming a wasteland of crime with no punishment. Read More

If you think planet Hoth is a nice place to live. - 1/30/2021
Just moved out of rochester after being there 9 years. If you have a decent job lined up already and can afford to live in the east side suburbs thats your best bet. The inner city is crime laden, horrible school graduation rates. Ignorant people. Lifers that have never left the area that think there isnt anything better out there. The food is crap. Its so bad, they are only known for a “garbage plate” which is just random dinner food sloshed on a plate. Pizza, forget it. There are a few Joes Brooklyn around and thats your best bet if you want Anything that tastes close to a decent slice you would get in the ny metro area. Chinese, you will hunt and hunt for a decent place...good luck. Tom wahls burger joint is the only thing i would like to hit up on a visit back. Upscale restaurants are few and far. Id give them a B- on average. The real ass of rochester are the taxes and weather. You might think its not that bad in terms of total snow fall. But what you have to figure in is the Read More

I hated Rotten/Roachester NY - 11/8/2020
I’ve lived in Rochester my whole life until I couldn’t take it anymore so I moved. Rochester used to be a place of great opportunity, not anymore. The lack of jobs, nothing to do (but to go to Wegmans and the Lilac Festival), increased crime, rude people, and the further deterioration of the city under Lovely Warren’s watch has made it a very crappy place to live. My friends and family that live there now are thinking of moving as many businesses have closed down with the opening up of crappy jobs because of COVID19. My cousin had to get a remote job out of town as there aren’t any jobs in Rottenchester. The only jobs available are working at a factory, grocery stores, gas station, running your own business, or freelancing. People were knifing each other down for the few and crappy race to the bottom jobs left when I was in Rochester. I was part of a young adult group there and everyone was complaining and whining how Rochester sucks. Most left that year and we were puzzled when Read More

History and Beautiful City with Culture - 6/8/2020
I have lived in the Rochester city area for 8 years. Moved from Texas and I love it here. The large amount of snow is really a plus for me and it hasn't lost it's novelty (I appreciate the snow more and more every year!). And the summers are really cool compared to most anywhere else in the country. With an interesting and unique city history, Rochester had a huge, famous nursery in the 1800s (hence the Flower City after initially being the Flour City before the midwest took over the mill industry). Thus, it's possible to grow really beautiful gardens here with the rich soil, temperate climate, and dependable rain from Lake Ontario.

The arts and music scene here (both classical and popular music) is fantastic, and appreciation and knowledge for the arts among Rochesterians is unique compared to the rest of the United States. The houses in the city are historic and very, very affordable. The restaurant scene in terms of variety and options are endless. And with Wegmans in Read More

I lived in Rochester NY for 4 years never no crime in Rochester just maybe 1 murder a week or half and the other place I lived was Newark NJ I got 4 cars stolen from my dad and I lived there 3 years I never got no car stolen in Rochester. so Rochester NY is a historic beautiful downtown Rochester really has cheap houses you should move if you live in Buffalo NY that Read More

Ok - 4/16/2020
I lived in Rochester. It is a pretty nice place. Its very safe. When we moved here, my daughter was starting seventh grade. She wears a hijab (head scarf) she was worried that she would get bullied because of it, but I told her not to worry. She did get bullied. She informed the principal, and the kids got suspended. That only made things worse. The bullying got so bad that me and my husband decided to move her to a new school. She was treated better there. Read More

Great place if you can enjoy all seasons - 5/1/2019
Moved here for a job at a defense contractor in 2017.
One Negative - you have to find a way to make the winter a positive - get the right gear and and outdoor winter activity.
After that the area is great. Low traffic, great waterway access, up and coming restaurant scene. People are not initially overly friendly, but generally honest and genuine when you get to know them. Culture and art, etc. Finger lakes region is Read More

if you do not like seeing the sun you will love it - 3/15/2019
I lived in Rochester for 10 years. It is like going to a frozen wasteland. To imagine living there and to simulate the conditions crawl into your freezer and close the door for 9 months. The biggest event is a flower festival - the Lilac Festival - it will remind of retirement home. The most exciting thing to do on a Friday is to hang out at the Wegmans grocery Read More

There’s a whole other world out there! - 4/28/2018
I lived in Rochester the majority of my life thus far. Then, 5 years ago, I moved to Syracuse and found it to be worse. So eventually I made my way to Seattle and now I live in LA. After not suffering crappy cold/snowy winters the past 3 years, I know one thing! I would never go back to that craphole! So much better for everything else as well... I live in a real city, treat people, sunshine, palm trees, jobs! I mean “real” jobs with REAL pay! I’m well into the 6 figures... in Rochester, this would probably equivocate to $70k. Oh and I see the ocean every weekend, when I ride my bike on the 20 mike trail... in my shorts and t-shirt. So yeah better places... stay Read More

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